Sunday, October 18, 2020

Cancer is up to 90% preventable

 Here’s a reality check, cancer is not caused by bad luck; it has everything to do with the toxicity of the world we live in.  Scientific journals Nature and Pharmaceutical Research have both published large studies finding that cancer is up to 90% preventable!   

Only 10% of cases are due to genetic defects, whereas 90% are due to environmental and lifestyle factors.

Physical inactivity, Obesity and Alcohol remain three of the biggest risk factors for cancer.

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Friday, October 9, 2020

Dynabody Virtual wink

Dynabody Fitness & Health is now online and virtual!

 Dynabody has joined, a digital platform that will allows us to stay connected with you. Dynabody can provide personal training, programs, classes and coaching directly to your smartphone, anytime and anywhere (at home or another province, country, etc)!

Options are endless, and the great thing is, it helps motivate you, eliminates the guesswork by having a planned program with scheduled classes, and makes you accountable - because we all know that exercise is vital for your well-being.

Join today!

Monday, September 28, 2020

The 10 Week Dynabody Online Fitness Classes starts October 5th!

Thanks to the ever-changing COVID19 restrictions, we need to be diligent in both protecting and looking out for each other - it’s the new norm….And yet, the need for exercise and interaction becomes more prevalent.  Working out in a group setting helps to build a strong bond - the friendships and camaraderie is what makes it great!

Although it is hard to replicate my fitness classes away from the school gym or in a home environment Dynabody Fitness is committed to providing you with the interaction and the workouts you’ve come to enjoy.

Starting Monday, October 5th, Dynabody will be offering a 10 week program which includes;

  • Online Fitness Classes Tuesday and Thursdays 6:30pm, through Zoom (starting October 6th and 8th)
  •  Planned / Flexible Workouts through the Trainerize app.

I’m excited at this opportunity to interact with the Dynabods!  It will allow for a two-way interactive experience (using Zoom) while going through a Dynabody Trainerize workout together. Plus you can do your own workout  anytime, anywhere, and track your progress – to keep you motivated - the best of both worlds!

Cost $80 (tax included) for the 10 weeks.

Refer a Friend for a 20% discount

Email me at for the particulars!

Here are a few tips for our Zoom Class;
Equipment needed:   
Exercise/yoga mat,  Pair of various dumbbells ie: light (5-10 lb), medium (10-15 lbs), heavy dumbbells (+20 lb)
Pad of paper and Pen – to  take notes and add to your Trainerize program
Questions – Hold off until the end of an exercise (rest period) or at the end of the workout.
Class will be kept “Interruption-free”  The meeting will be locked once the class starts.  This will ensure that the class is not interrupted once it begins.  So please show up on time!
Feedback is encouraged – let me know what you think!

Sunday, August 30, 2020


How's your fitness knowledge?  10 questions on strength training - see how you do!

1.Will I get bulky muscles if I strength train? 

Men have 10-30 times more testosterone than women.  *

Along with a string workout regimen and nutrition, Muscle Building Factors include (1) Testosterone (2) Illegal Drugs (3) Genetics.

2. Is it easier for some people to build muscle & get stronger? 

Yes – the outer bounds of personal fitness are genetically determined.  But realty, you should focus on personal improvements rather than comparisons.

3. Do some weight equipment develop long-lean muscles? 

When it comes to equipment, No - your muscles don’t know the difference.

Muscle Development contributions include (1) Genetics and what your program consists of: (2)Resistance and (3)Intensity/Duration.

4. How long before I feel stronger & see changes in working out?

 It really depends on your commitment and intensity.  Initial strength improvements happen in the first 4-6 weeks .  You can wake up 50% of muscle that was previously inactive.

5. What happens to muscles when I get stronger? 

You can get stronger without getting bigger.

75-80% of strength gains come from nerves being able to rally dormant muscle fibers to contract.

20-25% come from your muscles getting bigger (hypertrophy).

6. Do Muscles Turn to Fat if I stop strength training? 

No. Fat looks like thin-walled honeycomb & muscle like bundles of straw.  An athlete that quits training, the muscles shrink (atrophied from disuse) & if they continue to eat & not exercise they will gain weight.

 7. Does Strength Training Spot Reduce areas? 

No Spot reduction is not possible.  You can however influence muscle definition by (1) Losing Fat and (2) Strength training.

 8. Should I get in shape before I start lifting weights?  

No.  Lifting weights is non-impact & increased muscle gains help to burn calories, lose weight & increase metabolism.

 9. Should  Woman’s Strength Program Differ from a Man?  

No, although everyone is different, it really just depends on your fitness goals.

 10. Do I have to spend hours strength training to get results? 

No, 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes per workout is all you need. Hey, that's one of the main benefits of Dynabody Fitness workouts.   Intensity and commitment are the major factors in seeing results – both in the way you look and feel.



Back to school Special!

On-Demand online personal training on your mobile app!

4 weeks for only $20.00!

Choose from:

Weight training (Dumbbell/Barbell),  Bodyweight, TRX or Hybrid programs!

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To Register, or for more information:


Phone/Text: 1-204-771-0061

** for the month of September 2020

Friday, August 21, 2020

Deep Regret…. Moving forward

It is with deep regret that I was informed that given the COVID situation the school division has suspended all continuing education leisure courses.   Although the plan is to follow the province’s health and safety measures, the division did not want to risk the chance of participants spreading the novel coronavirus in a school environment.

This is extremely disappointing as I know that I missed not just the workouts but the fun times and healthy relationships created with everyone that has participated -And I know I’m not alone!

As you know, we need to keep moving and participate in physical activity - both for our health and our well-being..

So I am looking at ways to keep YOU going.  I realize it is hard to replicate my fitness classes away from the school gym or in a home environment.  There is a strong bond among Dynabods, the friendships and camaraderie is what makes the workouts great!  And,I want it to continue - even during the midst of this pandemic. 

With summer coming to a close, the need for exercise and interaction becomes more prevalent.

Plus we need to be diligent in both protecting and looking out for each other - it’s the new norm….

I have some new ideas planned for the near future.  

I am also inviting my readership to provide feedback on ways they feel would help keep YOU motivated and active during these trying times.

Our health and well-being is paramount, not only for us, but for our families and the community overall.  I would love to hear from you!