Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 Have you ever:

  • Went to get something and forgot what you were there to get?
  • Forgot a thought in mid sentence?
  • Having a hard time concentrating?

  • Suddenly forgot what you were about to do next

Brain fog isn’t a medical condition, but rather a symptom of cognitive dysfunction and is caused by
dying brain cells.  The World Health Organization estimates that the number of cases of dementia is estimated to more than triple by 2050.

Did you know that your brain stops growing at around 25 years of age.  When you reach 35 years old, your brain starts to shrink by 0.5% (half a percent) a year.  By the time you reach 55, 10% of your brain will be gone, 20% by age 75.   And, this brain shrinkage isn’t because you are “getting old”, it is Lifestyle related!

The good news is that Brain decay can be reversed - no matter how old you are.

How, There are 3 Habits that you are doing every day that damages your brain, memory and overall health.    These habits increase stress that destroys your brain, make you sick more often and causes dementia.


Your body needs over 7 hours per day of sleep.  Sleep Quality is more important than Quantity.  It’s at sleep that your body heals and your brain flushes out toxins to help improve brain functions.

Your brain shrinks by around 60% in volume to make room for the lymph nutrients that bathes our neurons in the brain.  These neurons are critical for the connections and network that drives our body.  It is this Glymphatic System which is made to work at Sleep.  

For most of us, a normal sleep duration of 7-8 hours will include 4-7 cycles of sleep.

During the first half of the night (think 10pm to 2 am), you get more deep sleep  (Body Heals)

and in the second half of the night (think 2 am to 6 am), you get more REM sleep (Mind Refreshes).

In deep sleep, the body heals. In REM sleep, the mind refreshes.

Here are some Helpful Tips for getting a good night's sleep; 

Waking up and going to be the same time each day

Your bed should only be used for sleep and sex not watching TV

Sleep with your bed raised at head to allow for lymph drainage.

Massage the Lymph nodes in the neck to promote circulation.

Cool and darken your bedroom at night.

Refrain from computer screens or watching TV before bed

Hide your phone, clock and other stressors which increase cortisol levels at night

Don’t drink alcohol, as it disrupts your sleep cycles

Create a relaxing routine - have a bath, read a book, perform breathing exercises.


Diet plays an important role in staying healthy including combating brain fog.  A lack of proper nutrition increases stressors in the body. Some of the main foods to reduce are:

Junk Food

Parts of the brain linked to memory, learning, and mental health are smaller in people who eat junk food.  Berries, nuts, whole grains, and green leafy vegetables should be part of your daily diet as it preserves brain function and slows mental deterioration.  A Vitamin B-12 supplement also is useful in supporting brain function


Sugar is not a stable source of energy for the brain & increases insulin and adrenaline which increases stress and anxiety, and leaves your body exhausted and depressed.


Salt is bad - if in excess.  We get enough of this essential mineral naturally from our foods and don’t need to consume extra.  Stop consuming processed and packaged foods as these foods include over twice as much of the daily recommended salt you need.

Trans fats

Trans fats are dangerous to brain health. Do not eat fried foods, margarine, microwave popcorn, frozen dinners,  ice cream, cookies and crackers.

Other food allergy triggers include:

MSG,  aspartame, peanuts, and dairy

Remove these trigger foods from your diet and your brain health will improve.


We were meant to move.  The longer you go without regular exercise, the more likely you are to have dementia.  In addition, you are more likely to get diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure - all of which are linked to Alzheimer’s. Plus, the more you move the more energy your mitochondria makes - supplying your body with the energy source it needs  

Learning to Move is more important than learning to read and write.  Your Mind and Body are One.   And you don’t have to start running a marathon.  Going for a brisk walk, a nature hike or a 20 minute bodyweight workout is all you need to get started.   

So, realize that “Getting Old”  is NOT an age number it’s a functional ability (cognitive ability) to do complex movements.  You are Never too Old to get moving.  Spend at least half an hour most days of the week being physically active.  


All of these bad habits have one thing in common - they affect our Stress levels.

Your body doesn’t know the difference between physical stress, emotional stress or chemical stress.  When your body can’t adapt, it goes into inflammation - not just your brain but other parts of the body.  This affects your Sympathetic state (fight or flight response). Over time this becomes chronic stress - it’s go, go, go….and overtime your body breaks down.

So how do change and get into that parasympathetic state - the relaxed and resting state?


Meditation directly counteracts the fight-or-flight response triggered by stress, calming your state of mind, and reducing the inflammation and stress that leads to premature aging and disease.  Meditation exercises your brain, it helps to detoxify the brain and reduce stress and anxiety.  Meditation helps you feel balanced and relaxed. 


A key factor to effective meditation is focusing on your breath.  You learn to pay attention to the breath as it goes in and out, noticing when your mind wanders from this task.  This helps to build mindfulness and gives your brain and organs a much-needed boost of oxygen, it slows your heart rate, and can lower or stabilize your blood pressure.

By adding Meditation and/or Breathing exercises into a regular routine, this becomes a healthy habit that helps counteract Memory loss and improves overall health.  This will also help combat some of our bad habits - like lack of quality sleep, stress or binge eating, and can make you feel more energetic so that you move more. Your body and brain will love it.

Use it NOT Lose it!

Friday, November 6, 2020

Parasympathetic Summit: November 9-15, 2020

 Your parasympathetic nervous system is associated with relaxation, regeneration and repair. After a danger has passed, it is what brings your body into balance by releasing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which helps regulate sympathetic arousal, bringing your heart rate down and helping you calm after periods of stress and anxiety.

All health maintenance processes — including digestion, detoxification, immune activities, tissue regeneration and arousal — are turned on only when your body is in a parasympathetic state.

You cannot heal outside of the parasympathetic state; it brings your nervous system into balance and affects every aspect of your well-being.

 Discover daily strategies to activate your parasympathetic state and enter a healing state.

Click on the following link;

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Pandemic Got you Down?

Has the Pandemic got you down?

Stuck at Home?

Need to Self Isolate?

Exercise taken a back seat?



You can do your workout along with me or on your own, 

Anytime and Any where.

We have real-time group fitness classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

or schedule a one on one session.

take advantage of the Trainerize Mobile app

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Anxiety Summit 6 – Toxins, Meds & Infections

November 2 - November 8, 2020

Ease symptoms & address root causes of anxiety with natural solutions!

 Today, more than ever, people are finding themselves in a state of chronic stress and anxiety. It’s time to learn how toxins, medications and/or infections could be a trigger for your anxiety so you can implement targeted, supportive solutions and get relief!

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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Cancer is up to 90% preventable

 Here’s a reality check, cancer is not caused by bad luck; it has everything to do with the toxicity of the world we live in.  Scientific journals Nature and Pharmaceutical Research have both published large studies finding that cancer is up to 90% preventable!   

Only 10% of cases are due to genetic defects, whereas 90% are due to environmental and lifestyle factors.

Physical inactivity, Obesity and Alcohol remain three of the biggest risk factors for cancer.

Learn evidence-based cancer prevention and treatment strategies when you attend a complimentary, free online event:  Click on the following Link to Register

Friday, October 9, 2020

Dynabody Virtual wink

Dynabody Fitness & Health is now online and virtual!

 Dynabody has joined, a digital platform that will allows us to stay connected with you. Dynabody can provide personal training, programs, classes and coaching directly to your smartphone, anytime and anywhere (at home or another province, country, etc)!

Options are endless, and the great thing is, it helps motivate you, eliminates the guesswork by having a planned program with scheduled classes, and makes you accountable - because we all know that exercise is vital for your well-being.

Join today!

Monday, September 28, 2020

The 10 Week Dynabody Online Fitness Classes starts October 5th!

Thanks to the ever-changing COVID19 restrictions, we need to be diligent in both protecting and looking out for each other - it’s the new norm….And yet, the need for exercise and interaction becomes more prevalent.  Working out in a group setting helps to build a strong bond - the friendships and camaraderie is what makes it great!

Although it is hard to replicate my fitness classes away from the school gym or in a home environment Dynabody Fitness is committed to providing you with the interaction and the workouts you’ve come to enjoy.

Starting Monday, October 5th, Dynabody will be offering a 10 week program which includes;

  • Online Fitness Classes Tuesday and Thursdays 6:30pm, through Zoom (starting October 6th and 8th)
  •  Planned / Flexible Workouts through the Trainerize app.

I’m excited at this opportunity to interact with the Dynabods!  It will allow for a two-way interactive experience (using Zoom) while going through a Dynabody Trainerize workout together. Plus you can do your own workout  anytime, anywhere, and track your progress – to keep you motivated - the best of both worlds!

Cost $80 (tax included) for the 10 weeks.

Refer a Friend for a 20% discount

Email me at for the particulars!

Here are a few tips for our Zoom Class;
Equipment needed:   
Exercise/yoga mat,  Pair of various dumbbells ie: light (5-10 lb), medium (10-15 lbs), heavy dumbbells (+20 lb)
Pad of paper and Pen – to  take notes and add to your Trainerize program
Questions – Hold off until the end of an exercise (rest period) or at the end of the workout.
Class will be kept “Interruption-free”  The meeting will be locked once the class starts.  This will ensure that the class is not interrupted once it begins.  So please show up on time!
Feedback is encouraged – let me know what you think!