Saturday, December 3, 2011


With the Holiday season coming up quick, exercise is the first thing to go when people are busy. People overindulge at holiday parties and have added pounds to deal with. Did you know that obesity is now considered more dangerous than smoking?

To keep you committed to exercise during the Holiday season I’m putting on a Fitness Holiday Challenge to all my current and former fitness bootcamp participants.

The Fitness Holiday Challenge will work on a point system. You accumulate points based on the time spent exercising.

up to 30 min. of Exercise - 1 point

up to 60 min. of Exercise - 2 points

over 60 min. of Exercise - 3 points

A Maximum of 3 points per day.


Cardio/Aerobic - Running, Step, Skipping, Calisthenics, etc.

Resistance or Training - Weight Lifting, Bodyweight Exercises, Bands, Tubing, etc.

Active Sport - Hockey, Soccer, Racquet sports, Basketball, Volleyball, etc.

Fun/Moderate Activities - Curling, Bowling, Walking, Yoga, etc. * 1 point only.

Now remember - you want to keep your heart rate elevated and should focus on intensity. And don't forget your WarmUp and Cooldown!

For my part, I will include a bodyweight exercise program you can do for the 5 weeks that the bootcamp is off. (We don’t start again until January 17th and 19th)


As an added incentive, I will be offering a “workout with Doug session” for one lucky individual – one in December and another in January for all of those who participate in the Challenge. We will hit the gym and go through the paces with a full blown workout session – at no cost to you! (Except for spent calories)

This is a great way to stay motivated and be accountable during the Holiday season!

ps: Even if you don't want to participate and would like to try my Bodyweight Exercise program, send me a quick email at and I will forward the program for you to try.