Saturday, June 14, 2008

Long Steady Cardio does work but....

Last month I surprised a lot of people with the answer with what type of cardio is best for fat loss. The answer was high intensity interval training.

It’s not that long steady cardio doesn’t work, it’s just the most effective thing to do. Running/Jogging takes a lot of time. Unless you have a goal to run a marathon, don’t expect fast or long lasting fat loss results . Your body is very adaptable and can adjust to this steady state and will actually conserve energy (calories). Long slow cardio forces the body to get rid of muscle and increases the risk of injury, where as intensity offsets muscle reduction and strengthens the body.

Ladies -don’t be a cardio queen, the majority end up as “Skinny Fat people” Thin and frail-looking, not toned or muscular and who have trouble doing half a dozen push ups. I know of aerobic instructors that could really lose 20 plus pounds – not a very good role model….If you want to get wicked hot swimsuit lean then you HAVE TO increase the intensity.

Now if you totally love long steady cardio and are happy with the results then do it. Just remember that you must also get STRONGER.
You must add resistance training to your fitness routine. Major lifts using Multi-muscle groups is a must. Weight training is more important than cardio for fat loss.

The biggest thing is to enjoy what you are doing. Make sure that you incorporate all levels of fitness in your routine:

1) Aerobic / Cardiovascular fitness
2) Resistance Training / Muscle Conditioning
3) Flexibility
4) Nutrition

If you missed last months newletter, on the following link What Cardio is Best? or visit my blog Dynabody blogspot



I received some great feedback from my Spring Bootcamps.

No surprise, everyone participated for fitness reasons. What everyone liked the most was the fun and the variety.
There was a very high demand by participants to attend two classes per week. So this fall, Tuesday & Thursday classes are planned.

To cut down on rest intervals between circuits, more emphasis will be made on working the same muscle groups at certain workstations. This will cut down on explanations between sets, resulting in a more effective workout.

One thing that kept it fun was incorporating various games. Not only did it keep people motivated, it put a big smile on their face!


For the summer, I am looking at a Tuesday and Thursday outside fitness bootcamp (6:30 to 8 pm) and possibly an early morning program if the demand warrants it.

If you and a friend, college, or family member are interested please email me back.