Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Come out to a FREE Dynabody Fitness Class!

Classes are winding down for 2017.  Only 5 classes left;

Bannatyne School:    Novemberr 28, December. 5 & 12th
Strathmillan School:  November 30 & December 7th.
6:30 - 7:30 pm

The one hour classes start in the new year on January  9th and 11th, 2018.  

Book online: http://www.localcourses.com/sjsd
See: St.James Continuing Education:  Fitness / Aerobics / Challenging   or type in "Dynabody" in the search box

or call: 832-9637 to Register by phone

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


It’s interesting what you see when you go to a fitness facitility. Most people just don’t get it.  They spend an hour or so “at the gym”.  Here’s a brief summary of what I’ve seen;

Walking the track                                 25 %   
Jogging the track                                 13 %
Running the track                                  2 %
Treadmill/Cross trainer                        20 %
Spinner/Stationary Bicycle                  10 %   
Weight Lifting-Light                             15 %   
Weight Lifting-Heavy                           10 %
Stretching                                              5 %
Of this, only about 20% of the people are meeting Health Canada’s guidelines of moderate exercise. That is, working hard enough to meet the requirements for physical activity.  Unless you are just starting out, have an injury, or cooling down, walking the track is not considered exercise. 

It will take over 50 minutes of running at 10 minute mile (6 miles per hour) to burn the same number of calories  that’s in a Big Mac or Wendy’s Bacon Classic.

No matter what your level you must get your heart rate up as you progress.  You MUST sweat and you MUST be out of breath.  A good indication is the talk test.  If you can talk with ease while exercising then you are NOT working hard enough.

Yet most just go through the motions.    It’s no wonder that most people give up after a month or two, or, see little or no progress.

Here are some things I noticed that you should NOT do if you want to get the best out of your time at the gym:

-Stop working out on the adductor and abductor machines.  Unless you already have a great, toned body you are wasting your time.
-Grabbing 5 lb dumbbells and doing countless bicep curls will not cut it.
- Doing  endless situps or using abdominal or back extension machines for your core. 

- Performing Seated Cable Back Rows and using momentum to move that heavy weight.  Cut the weight back, stabilize the core and focus on using your back – you’ll see much better gains.
- Bouncing the Bar off your chest as you do bench presses, grunting all the way.
Impressive, you take all the weight off the chest and place it on the shoulders.  Won’t be long before injury sets in….

Taking your kids to the gym to “show” them a thing or two.  Most parents mean well but show improper technique and useless exercises.  This in time result in poor posture and even worse, injury. Leave it to a trainer. Unless they are in their mid-teens, stick to game play.

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, you need to be AWARE.    Are YOU aware of where you are and what you need to accomplish your fitness goals?  As you get older, the more you need to exercise – not less.  Fortunately, most Dynabods get it.  And , if you don’t believe me - Ask a Centurian!