Saturday, November 5, 2022

Being Multi-Dimensional

When most people think about being physically fit they consider four main components 1) Endurance 2) Strength 3) Power/speed 4) Flexibility

However, there is more than that.  You need to include;

Balance, Coordination, Agility, Reaction Time, Body Composition and Mental Toughness.

Being physically fit is multi-dimensional. 

That is why my fitness classes or “bootcamps” focus on all the above components, or more specifically, in Functional Training.

Functional training stresses movement over muscle and relies on neurological adaptation to strength and mobility. The key to functional training is integration - it teaches your muscles to work together. This is different from your conventional weight training routines which isolate muscle groups. Functional training bridges the gap between strength, power and speed to achieve peak performance.  It is not gender or age specific. No matter what fitness level you are at, you will benefit from such training. This type of vigorous, strenuous, regular activity is mentally and physically exhilarating.

And why stay fit?  Here are some reasons:

1) Enhance physical development – strengthen you immune system.

2) Build self-esteem and self-confidence – creates a positive well-being.

3) Reduce Stress and anxiety

4) Enjoy a deeper sleep

5) Gain mental acuity – experience better focus and memory.

6) Live longer and healthier life.

Remember, your body adjusts to lower levels of physical activity the same way it adapts to higher levels. This is the REAL reason why people “get old” or out of shape. USE promotes function. DISUSE promotes deterioration. You choose…..