Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Did you know that Surgery is only 50% successful for back pain? 
Did you also know that Chronic Non Specific Lower Back Pain does not exist?

According to a presentation by Kevin Darby at the MFC Momentum Conference 2016,  when you think of back pain Red Flags – think ‘TUNA FISH”

Unexplained weight loss or gut pain
Neurological symptoms
Age (over 50)

Intravenous Drug User
Steroid Use
History of Cancer.

Back Pain is NOT chronic, it is one or more of these eight triggers that causes back pain. Since surgery is only successful half of the time, it is important to understand these factors and adjust accordingly to reduce the pain. 

One of the best exercises for assessing and fixing back pain is the Squat.  The key is proper posture and movement of the hip, knee and ankle.  Bad movement causes pain.  Good movement should not cause pain.  YOU MUST LEARN TO MOVE, and ….MOVE PROPERLY!

All your  joints need compression and decompression in a full range of motion.    Can you squat low so that your  feet are flat, butt is almost on the floor,  Upper body is upright and knees straight up? 

It is important to note that Sitting is SPINE KILLING.   
It is the main cause of disk herniation!  This is mainly around your Disc L5 (where the diaphragm is not attached).

Here are some TIPS to improve your Spine and Lower Back;

-          Sit Less – move around a lot, sit in different positions
-          Sit properly – Back straight and shoulders back.  Distribute your body weight evenly on both hips, Knees bent at a right angle with fleet flat on the floor.  All three normal back curves of the spine should be present while sitting.
-          When Standing, have your feet hip width,  put your hands behind your back to help relieve pressure on the spine.
-          Stand on a stool when brushing your teeth so that you bend forward properly.
-          When picking up light objects swing one leg backwards while bending forward.
-          Use your Hips not your back to lift.  Push off using  your heals and do not flex you spine.
-          Walk like a soldier.  Active walk with exaggerated arm swing.
-          Walking the dog?  Don’t hold the leash with one hand, it’s better to use a waist leash.