Friday, February 2, 2024

Benefits of a Cold Shower

 Some of you may know that I’m a big fan of the Wim Hof Method and part of my regular morning routine is starting the day off with a cold shower. There are a number of benefits besides the rush of “waking you up” in the morning with that dopamine kick.

  • Cold showers improve your metabolism.   Getting your mitochondria to burn extra fuel to produce energy and keep you warm helps your body become more efficient.

  • Cold showers are a healthy way to burn fat and lose weight.

  • Cold showers help to convert white flabby fat cells to brown fat (Brown Adipose Tissue) which translate to higher insulin sensitivity for clearing glucose into your bloodstream.

  • Cold showers help with blood circulation..

  • Cold showers help improve your immune system by keeping inflammation in check.

  • Cold showers help reduce stress.

Taking a cold shower is best done in the morning to help get you energized.  Start out with your normal shower and then turn the tap to cold for around a minute.  Make sure you’ve checked with your health professional first before you try it.  Once you start doing this morning ritual you’ll wonder why you didn’t start doing it sooner.  It feels great!

To learn more about Cold Showers and the Wim Hof methods, check out the following link; -showers