Friday, December 3, 2021

Maintaining Muscle for Quality of Life - more than just working out

 Check out the pic of a shirtless Bruce Lee on an Asian talk show back in the early 70’s.  Without question, Bruce Lee was the most famous martial artist of our time and had the physique that matched.  And those that know me, already know that I’m a big fan. 

Bruce Lee on an Asian talk show with ripped abs

It’s hard to believe Bruce was 5’8” and weighed only 128 pounds.  You don’t have to be massive to look “ripped”.  Guys talk about getting pumped and  dream about having a six-pack. You can spend all your time working out yet muscles covered by a layer of fat just makes you un-jacked….


Vanity aside, we all know that excess fat is harmful for the body.  However, most people don’t have hours to spend in the gym -nor should they.  Besides, this results in over-training that leads to stress and injury.

I used to spend a lot of time in the gym and was constantly eating to “build muscle”.  As you age, this gets harder to do and in the long run not necessary.  Your goal is to be strong and to maintain strength, yet be lean and healthy.


There is no denying that YOU NEED TO MAINTAIN MUSCLE.  Muscle loss contributes to chronic inflammation and hormonal imbalance.   To do this you need to resistance train, eat well, rest and sleep for recovery.


However, if your goal is to be lean, cut, or for most of us, healthy with a great quality of life, your diet is still the main factor in achieving this! 

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

2 Week 5 Minute per Day Fitness Challenge


Join the 2 Week 5 Minute per Day Fitness Challenge!

Each day you will have two exercises to do for a two week period.

First, try and complete the number of reps listed for the bodyweight exercise listed, or do what you can in 4 minutes. Then complete the 1 minute finisher.

The exercises get tougher each day. And as an added bonus, I’ve included an extra day!

That's 15 weeks with 30 different bodyweight exercises.

Mark down the number of reps done on the Fitness Challenge worksheet


Win prizes!

Start anytime in December or January!

Check out the video here on Youtube: