Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter - Congrats to special Dynabod's - No April Fools!

Happy Easter everyone!
Did the Easter Bunny make a visit?
Now there’s a mystery…… Whether you believe it based on the pagan festival of Eostre – the goddess of fertility, or the German Lutherans in the mid-1600’s, or the middle ages when Christians were forbidden to eat eggs during Lent and decorated them instead, it calls for some good Easter Sunday meal discussions….
On another note, Congratulations are in order for the Dynabod’s that have been participating in Dynabody Fitness Classes for 5 or more years!

Tim & Colleen – 5+ years

Jenna & Corrine – 7+ years

Shawn & Shannon – 9 years

Dave – 9+ years

 It’s time to register for the Spring Fitness Classes THAT START IN 2 WEEKS!
Sessions start on April 10th & 12th and run from  6:30 to 7:30 pm and cost is $79 each
Register online at:
or phone: (204) 832-9637 to Register

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