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It’s that’s time of year again. And I’m not talking about Christmas music and packed shopping malls.  I am talking about achy bodies,  runny noses, coughs and sore throats - Cold and Flu Season.

But, do you know the difference between a flu and a cold?

The flu or influenza, is a viral upper respiratory illness that comes on suddenly, causing symptoms such as fever, body aches, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, a dry cough, and a sore or dry throat.  Often a flu can lead to a bacterial infection like bronchitis, an ear infection or sinus infection.  In the worst case, pneumonia may develop.
- 1 in 4 Canadians get the flu each year.   It is estimated that 12,200 people are hospitalized each year and over 3,500 Canadians die every year from serious complications of the flu.(1)  Worldwide there is 1 billion cases of influenza every year! (1)  Three influenza pandemics occurred in the past 100 years.  The worst was at the turn of the 20th century where the Spanish Flu killed close to 100 million people.  Oh, and there is no such thing as a “Stomach flu”.  This is actually viral gastroenteritis, or simply put - a mild case of food poisoning. 

A cold is also an infection of the upper respiratory system but is not so severe.   Symptoms include a runny nose, a cough, sore throat, sneezing, watery eyes and congestion.  - The average person gets the common cold two to four times a year.  Children can get the common cold as many as ten times a year! 

Typically you catch the cold or flu through the air by coughs or sneezes. 

Here are some simple steps to fight the cold and flu: 

1. Get adequate sleep.  Aim for 7-8 hours of restful sleep

2. Eat properly.  Stop eating processed foods.  Eat whole foods like fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish and meat.  Forget the chips,  granola bars and soy burgers.  Building up your immunity naturally is the best way to combat the flu.  

According to Dr. Michael Greger, author and founder of (and one of my favorite health advocates) “Inadequate fruit and vegetable intake may help explain the loss of immune function as we age, which is linked to an increased risk of dying from pneumonia and influenza…...  Influenza and pneumonia constitute the seventh leading cause of death for our elderly.  It’s never too late to start eating healthier.” (3)

3. Influenza thrives on drastic temperature changes.  I know that’s kind of hard living in Winnipeg.  Being smart to reduce the strain on your body’s immune system.  Dress appropriately.  If you have to go outside when it’s 30 below don’t forget a hat, gloves/mitts and warm boots.  Keep your home at a comfortable temperature – not too warm.

4. Wash your hands regularly.  Not only when you go the washroom, but after going out in public – be it shopping, going to a sporting event, a play or the gym. 

5. Eat Garlic and Gargle.   This is a natural adaptogenic infection fighter.  Known as the poor person’s antibiotic, Garlic helps eradicate infections as they enter your immune system.  Gargling with Salt water is beneficial.  Also, try oil pulling with Coconut Oil.  Swishing for 5 to 15 minutes is all you need to help get rid of nasty bacteria in the mouth.

6. Exercise Regularly.  Working out helps to relieve stress which in turn helps your body’s immune system.  By building up the virus-fighting antibodies this can also improve the response when receiving a flu shot.  People who exercise get colds less often than those who don’t work out.  So keep moving! (4)
A word of caution - if you currently have the flu – do NOT try and sweat it out.   The additional stress on your body will just prolong the infection.

7. Get a Humidifier.  The Flu virus thrives in dry air environments.

8. Get Vaccinated?  Well there’s a lot of controversy over getting vaccinated.  This one’s a personal choice. I do NOT get the flu shot and have never gotten sick.  As most vaccines contain mercury, keeping toxins out of the body should be your first priority – not filling Drug Company pockets.    Plus there is little evidence that supports the belief that vaccines are effective in preventing influenza in healthy adults.  According to,  Influenza vaccines have a modest effect in reducing influenza symptoms and working days lost, however, there is no evidence that they affect complications, such as pneumonia, or transmission of the flu. (2)
Don’t get sidelined by sickness.  Taking simple steps can help you avoid seasonal colds and flus before it starts.

(4),,20970352,00.html t

Friday, November 9, 2018


You are consciously watching what you eat, checking the side panel for the nutritional information and daily value.  However, you are being deceived. Yes, it is important to read the nutritional facts panel on the food label.  Food manufacturers try to fool you into eating high fat foods and high sugar foods by listing the percentage of fat/sugar by weight or volume and also by disguising ingredient names to add to the confusion.

To get a clear picture of what you are eating it’s best to calculate the  percentage of calories in a food that come from Fat or Sugar by using the following formula;

(i),        Look at the number of grams from fat or sugar on the label
(ii),       Multiply the number of grams  by 9 to get the number of fat calories or
Multiply the number of grams by 4 to get the number of sugar calories.
(ii)        Divide that number by the total number of calories to find the % of calories from fat or sugar.

As an example, I am using a popular Kellogg’s“Nutri Grain”Cereal Bar ;

For Fat Content
            (i)         3 gms of fat in one serving totaling 130 calories.
(ii)               3 gms of fat  times  9*  =  27 Calories from Fat 
(iii)             27 divided by 130 Total Calories = 20.7% fat
*there are 9 calories in a gram of fat
As you can see in the example,   the actual percentage of fat you are eating is 21% and not the  5% you are misled to believe.

For Sugar
(i)                 13 gms of  sugar in one serving totaling 130 calories.
(ii)               13 gms of sugar  times  4*  =  52 Calories from Sugar 
(iii)             52 divided by 130 Total. Calories = 40% Sugar
*there are 4 calories in a gram of  Sugar
Here the actual percentage of sugar is 40%,  not the 9% daily value listed.

Because food companies list Fat and Sugar percentage by volume, by weight, or by “daily value” this reflects a very small serving size. Using the above formula is helpful in clearing up such misleading information.

According to Kellogg’s: website the Nutri-grain bar is….“Made with invigorating whole grains and the delight of a delicious filling made with strawberry to help you move at the speed of morning”  6

According to, this product rates a Cminus.   

Personally I think Fooducate is being generous in it’s rating…..

Let’s dissect this a bit more.

In the above example, you are eating 130 calories – not much of a Breakfast for the most important meal of the day….

40% is made up of sugar with no nutritional value.  You are eating 3 1/2 tsp of sugar per bar. And according to Kellogg’s “smartlabel” ALL of the sugar is added –none comes from natural  sources. 6 -  So much for Real Fruit…Oh wait, Kellogg’s website states that it only “tastes” like real fruit.  

This is a HIGHLY PROCESSED product.  Many of the ingredients are used to increase the shelf life and improve flavor.  Flavor yummmmm......

Natural and Artificial Flavour
Added flavorings are created in a lab to compensate for flavor loss during processing. 
“Natural Flavorings”  contain animal products, glutamates – including MSG and other allergens – sorry vegetarians & vegans, so much for the environment….

8 grams of Whole Grains per bar
Focusing on the fiber band wagon, there is no knowledge of the percentage of whole grains in thIS bar.  Although whole grains is better than processed grains, only 100% whole grains should be consumed.  So much for wholesome…..

Artificial Colors
Food looks nicer and sell better  when cheap artificial dyes are added.  Unfortunately they pose a risk for hyperactivity in children, allergic reactions, and cancer.

Wheat Gluten –causes inflammation in both stomach linings and the brain.

Contains Zinc Oxide Zinc oxide is an inorganic compound  used as an additive in various products  including rubbers, plastics, ceramics, glass, ,paints, ,adhesives, sealants, and  batteries – to name a few.  Banned in Canada, it is still listed on Kellogg’s US website.

Contains Glycerides
Used to "improve" quality in baked goods,  glycerides  are created by using  partially hydrogenated oils or animal fats. Glycerides are synthesized into phosphates which is a potential environmental hazard. 

Cereal is one of the most profitable businesses for food manufacturers.  They can turn an inexpensive ingredient (processed grains) into a pricy commodity.  

So, what about another Breakfast favorite – Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats?
Well, with icing sugar being the second ingredient on the label, that 11 grams of sugar per serving amounts to eating a dose of  23% sugar.
What is more concerning is that it contains BHT - Butylated hydroxytoluene a chemical preservative that has shown to cause cancer and thyroid changes in animals. 7

Quaker Instant “Super Grains” Oatmeal – is not much better.  It still contains 23% sugar per serving and uses sodium sulphite as a preservative.  As this is not organic, all the “super grains” would contain the weed killer – glyphosate, a known cancer concern.

Well,  what do I eat?
Organic Steel cut Oatmeal, with REAL fruit, nuts and seeds  (Chia, Pumpkin, Hemp).
One bowl is a complete breakfast with only 4% being natural fruit sugar. 
½ cup of Bob's Red Mill Organic  Steel Cut Oats
½ cup of Moov Organic Berry Cherry Blend
1-2 tbsp of Hemp Hearts
1 tsp of Flaxseed (ground roasted)
1/3 cup of Pumpkin Seeds/Mixed Nuts (Cashews,almonds,walnuts)
1 ½ tbsp. of organic Chia Seeds

820 calories with 50% Fat, 4% Sugar and 16% Protein.
FAT:    46.25 gms, or 416 fat calories = 51% Fat
SUGAR:         7.5 gms or 30 sugar calories = 4% Sugar
PROTEIN:      33.5 gms or 134 protein calories = 16%.

One bowl has 820 calories, half of my breakfast is made up of healthy fat. Even with  half a cup of real fruit, there is no worry of my pancreas working overtime to keep blood sugar normal. Fat - not carbohydrates is the preferred fuel of human metabolism.  Our bodies thrive on "good fats" and cholesterol.  Although vegetable fiber is the best for the body, the fiber from oatmeal helps slow down insulin output, causing a funneling of glucose into the bloodstream over a longer period   Plus the protein consumed helps build and repair tissue, produce enzymes and hormones  and manage weight loss and muscle gain.

Now back to the facts -  as you can see, Food Manufacturers do NOT have your best interest at heart.  According to the BEUC (European Consumer Organization) 3-, three of the most common misleading practices include
·                     labeling products as 'traditional' or 'artisanal';
·                     displaying fruit pictures on packaging for products that have little or no actual fruit content;
·                     labeling as 'whole grain' products with barely any fiber

Back in the 1960’s the sugar industry paid scientist to down play the link between sugar and heart disease and promote saturated fat as the culprit. 5-  Now, people these days are more concerned about carbs and sugar intake.  Rightfully so, added Sugar is hiding in 47% of packaged foods! 1

And, there are at least 61 different names for sugar listed on food labels!   Although some sugar occurs naturally in fruit, the majority is added.     Some common names include sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, glucose, fructose, dextrose, maltose, lactose,  barley malt, brown rice syrup, agave nectar, etc  From the example above, of the 13 grams of sugar listed, all of  it was added..

Manufacturers use several different kinds of sugar so they can hide the real amount.2
As the  main ingredient is listed first on the label, disguising sugars as different names seperately  is one way that manufacturer’s deceive consumers.  A food may contain lactose, high-fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, barley malt, and evaporated cane sugar –all different names for the same thing – Sugar.

 Sugar-free products aren’t much better.  Although sugar-free products may have less sugar per serving than the regular version, they do contain sugar alcohols (mannitol, xylitol, sorbitol) –at roughly 2 calories per gram, and not only add up in calories but can cause bloating and diarrhea…4-

According to Robyn AO’Brien, Author of “The Unhealthy Truth-How our Food is making us Sick…”  a major problem in our diet is our reliance on processed foods.  We deprive ourselves of nutrients that are vital to our health.  With processed foods you are getting the fat, calories and carbs but NOT getting the nutritional building blocks that we need.  The micronutrients, which contain no calories, and come in the form of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals or other types of plant-based chemicals  only come in natural foods. 

There are many chemical reactions created in industrial processing of goods.  Sugars reacting with ammonia and sulfites under high pressure and temperature have dire consequences - as they are potential cancer-causing agents.

So, in summary, Nutritional labels are confusing and health claims by companies are misleading so “Buyer Beware”..  

The most effective way to remain healthy is to know what you’re eating and STOP eating packaged and boxed foods.  Not only will you reduce your sugar and bad fat intake, but you reduce the intake of chemical additives and preservatives that are bad for the body.

If you are serious about you and your family’s health, eating whole, natural and unprocessed foods is the only way to go.  Real Foods IS the ingredient!!




6 -

7 -

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Discover The Healing Power of Healthy Foods

Are you confused about whether or not to eat eggs, soy, red meat, dairy, gluten, beans or even lentils?

And what about your diet? Should it be a healthy high-fat diet, a non-refined carbohydrate diet or a low-carb plant-based diet?

There seems to be a constant bombardment of information about seemingly good food one day that is considered bad for you the next. Not only that, but this information comes from reliable, knowledgeable and credible people.

It’s time to find the truth about what foods heal YOUR body and what foods hurt it.


By attending the Healing Power of Food Summit. It's Free to all!

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Did you know that the current life expectancy for Canadians is 82 years?  Although not in the top 10 (11th) we are doing much better than our friends  South of the 49th parallel (ranked 36th) (1)…

According to Employment and Social Development Canada, men were expected to spend 88.0% (68.9 years) of their life in good health, compared with 85.8% (71.2 years) for women. Although women had higher life expectancy, men were expected to spend a higher proportion of their life in good health.

Wow!  In other words you can expect about 10 years of life in poor health.   Yikes!

Taking gender out of the equation, Chronic conditions are the main cause of lowered HALE (Health-Adjusted Life Expectancy.    Of that, Depression is a major cause.  In addition, obesity and stress continues to be on the rise. 

For the majority of people, they can improve their healthy life.

There are no magic pills, no short-cuts, no special diets, machines or routines that will result in “getting into shape”    Even if there was a magic pill – and you could afford it…there are much more benefits to exercise.  Besides adding strength and tone to the muscles, exercise works your heart and lungs.  An exercise “pill” won’t build your self-esteem and confidence you get from a good work-out.  Resistance and Aerobic exercise can improve your mood, add brain power, help your sex life, and change your body for the better.

Your food intake is the MOST important.  -  Proper nutrition is 60% of the effort in building a healthy strong body.   Follow a properly balanced Nutritional eating schedule.  “Eat the Rainbow” – lots of Fruits and Vegetables (NonGMO), Beans, Legumes and Fish.  Cut back or eliminate Meat, Chicken and Dairy – they are NOT needed for being healthy.  Learn from the Centenarians!  And of course stay away from sugar, processed and fast foods.  Do not fall in the Diet Trap and become part of the yo-yo phenomenon.  You can’t stay on a diet forever. 

It is important to create a lifestyle that works for you and that you will maintain for healthy life.  The best results come from a long-term strategy involving permanent change in both eating and activity habits.  
You can live your life in good health – it’s your reality - start now!

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Look Good and Feel Great!  Reduce body fat, and increase; strength, stamina, self-esteem and energy levels! This one hour workout will provide the motivation and inspiration to get you going - and the challenge to give you the most out your fitness routine.  Hope to see you there! 

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Your ENVIRONMENT has more to do with your Health than FAMILY GENES!  

Plus, your 5 closest friends have an impact – not just on your lifestyle, but on your attitude, and on your weight.   So be really careful on who you hang out with.

And ,most importantly - our Beliefs affect our Health.
So, Start living  – be in the HERE & NOW!.  
And erase that  “I’m too old”  mentality.
Learn a new language, use your muscles, dance lessons, etc.  
Get rid of those “old” beliefs  and change your personal culture!

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You can attend his ground-breaking, online conference, Healing from GMOs and Roundup, airing July 17-26, at no cost to you. 


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Stay "Smart" Technology Hazards

If you know anything about Accupuncture, Reiki, Chakras, you already know that the body is made up of more than blood, bone and tissues.  Our body is electric.  Every cell in our body communicates through tiny electrical signals.  We have many human energy fields which include not only physically measurable electromagnetic and magnetic fields, but, also a subtle aura of etheric energy that surrounds and overlays our physical self.

Today, Smart phones have become an essential to daily life. Add to that Wi-Fi’s, cordless phones, microwaves, satellite radio,  etc, we are constantly bombarded with electric and magnetic energy.  And, did you know that microwaves, cellphones, cordless phones and Wi-fi ALL use the SAME frequencies?  The difference is in the wattages (Power). However more recently, power is not just the only concern, what actually is more detrimental is the PULSE – used by cellphones.  This irregular pulse has a more biological effect to your body than power.    Even though the radiofrequencies (RF) fields only penetrate a short distance into the body, the energy of these fields are absorbed and transformed into the movement of molecules in the body. 1

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that electronic devices, not just cell phones are bad for the body and can increase the chances of developing cancer.  Prolonged environmental exposure, if minor, may constitute a health hazard if it results in biological stress.  Even though electric fields do not penetrate the body significantly, they do build up a charge on the body surface.  Magnetic fields on the other hand causes circulating currents to flow in the body.

Dr. Devra Davis presented a talk on “The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation” 3 at the University of Melbourne exposing the harsh reality of our technology advancements.  You can listen to the whole presentation on Youtube for yourself at::

All is not lost.  Here are some helpful points to help reduce your risk of EMF exposure;   2

Many people use their cell phone as an alarm clock.  Or, they want to keep it close in case of emergencies.  The problem is that the cell phone continues to communicate with the base stations by the radio transmissions, even when not using it.   It’s better to get a separate alarm clock, but if you do use your cell phone, set it on AIRPLANE Mode.  And, if you need the phone in case of emergency, it’s best to have a LAN line.  If not at least turn off the internet or wifi connection.  You should create a safe place to sleep, a time when your body can rejuvenate.  A cell phone near the bed can also increases anxiety levels as many of us have bad habits of waking up in the middle of the night to check emails, notifications and social networks so it’s best to turn it off!

There are over 1,800 studies that have verified that EMF’s are hurting us. Wifi and Bluetooth are even more dangerous than radio waves.  Ideally hardwire usage (Ethernet),  or better yet, Fibre-optics is the way to go.  A simple timer to shut your wifi router off at night is a great alternative.
Eliminating such exposure will help reduce insomnia, headaches, Ear Ringing (Tinnitus), fatigue, cognitive disturbance and stress!

Have you read the fine print on your cellphone contract?    Did you know that you should NOT carry your cellphone any closer than an inch away from the body?  A cell phone held close to the skin receives hundreds of times more radiation than if held further away. So keep it out of your pocket and use your speaker when talking. If you want to find out more hidden safety advice – on your iphone you can go to Settings>About>Legal>RF Exposure.  For other smartphones you can go to:  www.showthefineprintorg.

Smartphones are banned in Schools in Belgium, France, Spain, Finland, Italy, Isael, Australia, Austria, India, Switzerland, Germany and more.  It’s no wonder, as a children’s bone marrow of a child’s head can absorb 10 times more radiation than an adult! 4  Tablets are tested in labs 20 cm from the body, so they should NOT be held in the laps of children.

According to Electronics Engineer turned Technology Health Advocate Jeromy Johnson’s (Ted Talks)5 our children are going to be affected by the exponential effect of the rise in microwavable radiation all their lives.
If your Child has school work, upload it onto the computer or tablet and then shut the wifi off while working.  Do not let them stream music while doing homework and place it on a table away from the body..

Here are so healthier habits when using your smartphone 2;
  • Do not talk on your cell phone where the signal is weak as the cell phone must put out a stronger signal increasing radiation.
  • Do not let children use the cell phone as a toy or for games.
  • Don’t forget about your pets!  Turn your wifi off when you aren’t home and they are guarding the nest.
  • Keep phone calls short and alternate sides every few minutes.  Better yet use a lan line, your cell’s speaker or a plug in speakerphone device – not Bluetooth.
  • After checking your smartphone for messages, put it down away from you, on a desk or another room.
  • Put your cellphone away in your purse or briefcase when driving home.
  • Like to use it for listening to music?  I sure do.  Save the music on your phone – don’t stream. Stay away from Bluetooth Headphones and use the airplane mode if you have it close to the body.
  • Turn the face of the cellphone toward the body as the back emits more radiation.
  • Use Text.  But do it smartly!  Not when you are walking or driving –
  • Be aware of what you are doing and don’t expect instant responses – enjoy time way from technology!

 Oh, and stay away from SmartMeters (Hydro/Electric) or “Smart” Security systems – they aren’t really smart.  Hardwired / Fibre optics is the only way to go!

We always WANT convenience.  Be it a magic pill,  boxed food, or new toys – there is a price to pay – but let it NOT be your health!  Stay “Smart” –technology can’t do it for you


1 -Chapter 1: Electromagnetic fields and publick health: the present evidence.
World Health Organization
 3 - the truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" -- Dr Devra Davis 
4 -
 5 -  Wireless wake-up call – Jeromy Johnson – TedTalks, Berkely

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Happy Easter - Congrats to special Dynabod's - No April Fools!

Happy Easter everyone!
Did the Easter Bunny make a visit?
Now there’s a mystery…… Whether you believe it based on the pagan festival of Eostre – the goddess of fertility, or the German Lutherans in the mid-1600’s, or the middle ages when Christians were forbidden to eat eggs during Lent and decorated them instead, it calls for some good Easter Sunday meal discussions….
On another note, Congratulations are in order for the Dynabod’s that have been participating in Dynabody Fitness Classes for 5 or more years!

Tim & Colleen – 5+ years

Jenna & Corrine – 7+ years

Shawn & Shannon – 9 years

Dave – 9+ years

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Sessions start on April 10th & 12th and run from  6:30 to 7:30 pm and cost is $79 each
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Insulin Resistance - The Modern Plague

I just read an interesting article from Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, on the modern plague.  I first heard of Dr. Ritamarie during the 2017 Food Revolution Summit and the Raw Food University.  According to Dr. Ritamarie, this plague is the root cause of overweight and obesity, fatigue and exhaustion, loss of motivation, and memory loss.  This plague causes Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Auto-Immune Disease and more!

What is this Modern Plague?

It is Insulin Resistance.
Insulin Resistance is when your cells can’t absorb the glucose that would be used as energy.    In other words, the cells are unable to use the insulin (the hormone made by the pancreas) which act as a key to allow the glucose to get into your cells.  This unused energy becomes stored as visceral (organ) fat and as Dr. Loscalzo explains, this affects the cardiovascular lining of your blood vessels, which become brittle.  It’s this inflammation, known as Elevated C-reactive Protein (CRP) which makes your blood sugars go high. A blood test can measure your C-reactive protein level.  An interesting point to note, is that as fitness levels decline, C-reactive protein levels go up.

So you know that exercise is important, what else?
According to Dr. Loscalzo, the Five Elements you must Focus on are;
  1. Optimal Nutrition,
  2. Movement / Exercise,
  3. Low Stress,
  4. Get Restful Sleep and 
  5. Optimal Timing & Rhythm (when you eat is as important as what you eat).
To top it off, Diet-Caused Diseases are now the Number 1 cause of death in America.   Some Foods trigger Healing, some foods trigger Damage – by now we all should know what’s best for you..   Dr. Ritamarie also discussed the Big Pharma and  Big Food Diet Conspiracy.  The politics of food and keeping people sick and fat is outrageous - Focus is on profit not health.  The government subsidizes wheat, soy, dairy,and factory farms with substandard meat.  All processed and bad for you.
Even our Canada’s Food Guide, which is better than the US’s, has it wrong.  There should be even more focus on Whole Foods, Fruits and Vegetables, along with Healthy Fats (Seeds and Nuts), rather than Grains, Breads and meats.

Ravenous hunger is not the need for more calories, but rather the need for key nutrients that are missing from your diet.  It relates more to high blood sugar (insulin resistance), rather than low blood sugar as the body gets stressed and tired from trying to get the sugar from your body into your cells..  This Chronic fatigue and cravings are a sign of insulin resistance.  As a result you feel exhausted, the cells can’t cleanse themselves and you crave food to nourish them.  The problem is that the foods you crave are the ones that hurt you in the first place.  The vicious cycle continues.
And what’s worse, they are now saying that Alzheimer’s is now being considered as type 3 diabetes – insulin resistance of the brain!  This lack of glucose to the brain causes: Lack of Focus, Memory Loss, Brain Fog and Early on-set Alzheimer;s.

What are the best Exercise for combating Belly-Fat?

BURST EXERCISE – short bouts of just 30 seconds of High Intensity helps to burn Glucose that is currently in your blood.  It also increases the amount of Growth Hormone to trigger Fat-Burning and Muscle Building.  If you are consistent with this, you can improve insulin sensitivity in as little as 3 weeks.  Start with 30 seconds and try to build up to 8 times per day (That’s 4 minutes). 
Examples include:  Running up stairs, Burpees,  Fast Feet, etc.

This also helps to relieve stress.
Another useful tool to lower stress levels and improve your sleep is Meditation.  Just 3 minutes a couple times a day will reduce cortisol levels, blood sugar & combat insulin resistance.

TIME AND TIME AGAIN the only way to better Health and Wellness continue to be what we already know  - Eating Properly (avoiding flour and sugar and processed foods)  and Exercising.
So, How are YOU with this?

To learn more about Insulin Resistance and how to eliminate it, please go to the attached link(s), or visit Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo’s website.

The modern plague - video 1

Click below to Access Dr. Ritamarie Lascalzo's 5 Cutting Edge Strategies to balance your Blood Sugar, Melt your Midline, Sharpen your Focus and Recharge your Energy:

5 Strategies to Combat Insulin Resistance

What's the missing diet link for Vibrant Health and Longevity?  Find out more by getting your free e-book (link below)