Thursday, February 8, 2018

Insulin Resistance - The Modern Plague

I just read an interesting article from Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, on the modern plague.  I first heard of Dr. Ritamarie during the 2017 Food Revolution Summit and the Raw Food University.  According to Dr. Ritamarie, this plague is the root cause of overweight and obesity, fatigue and exhaustion, loss of motivation, and memory loss.  This plague causes Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Auto-Immune Disease and more!

What is this Modern Plague?

It is Insulin Resistance.
Insulin Resistance is when your cells can’t absorb the glucose that would be used as energy.    In other words, the cells are unable to use the insulin (the hormone made by the pancreas) which act as a key to allow the glucose to get into your cells.  This unused energy becomes stored as visceral (organ) fat and as Dr. Loscalzo explains, this affects the cardiovascular lining of your blood vessels, which become brittle.  It’s this inflammation, known as Elevated C-reactive Protein (CRP) which makes your blood sugars go high. A blood test can measure your C-reactive protein level.  An interesting point to note, is that as fitness levels decline, C-reactive protein levels go up.

So you know that exercise is important, what else?
According to Dr. Loscalzo, the Five Elements you must Focus on are;
  1. Optimal Nutrition,
  2. Movement / Exercise,
  3. Low Stress,
  4. Get Restful Sleep and 
  5. Optimal Timing & Rhythm (when you eat is as important as what you eat).
To top it off, Diet-Caused Diseases are now the Number 1 cause of death in America.   Some Foods trigger Healing, some foods trigger Damage – by now we all should know what’s best for you..   Dr. Ritamarie also discussed the Big Pharma and  Big Food Diet Conspiracy.  The politics of food and keeping people sick and fat is outrageous - Focus is on profit not health.  The government subsidizes wheat, soy, dairy,and factory farms with substandard meat.  All processed and bad for you.
Even our Canada’s Food Guide, which is better than the US’s, has it wrong.  There should be even more focus on Whole Foods, Fruits and Vegetables, along with Healthy Fats (Seeds and Nuts), rather than Grains, Breads and meats.

Ravenous hunger is not the need for more calories, but rather the need for key nutrients that are missing from your diet.  It relates more to high blood sugar (insulin resistance), rather than low blood sugar as the body gets stressed and tired from trying to get the sugar from your body into your cells..  This Chronic fatigue and cravings are a sign of insulin resistance.  As a result you feel exhausted, the cells can’t cleanse themselves and you crave food to nourish them.  The problem is that the foods you crave are the ones that hurt you in the first place.  The vicious cycle continues.
And what’s worse, they are now saying that Alzheimer’s is now being considered as type 3 diabetes – insulin resistance of the brain!  This lack of glucose to the brain causes: Lack of Focus, Memory Loss, Brain Fog and Early on-set Alzheimer;s.

What are the best Exercise for combating Belly-Fat?

BURST EXERCISE – short bouts of just 30 seconds of High Intensity helps to burn Glucose that is currently in your blood.  It also increases the amount of Growth Hormone to trigger Fat-Burning and Muscle Building.  If you are consistent with this, you can improve insulin sensitivity in as little as 3 weeks.  Start with 30 seconds and try to build up to 8 times per day (That’s 4 minutes). 
Examples include:  Running up stairs, Burpees,  Fast Feet, etc.

This also helps to relieve stress.
Another useful tool to lower stress levels and improve your sleep is Meditation.  Just 3 minutes a couple times a day will reduce cortisol levels, blood sugar & combat insulin resistance.

TIME AND TIME AGAIN the only way to better Health and Wellness continue to be what we already know  - Eating Properly (avoiding flour and sugar and processed foods)  and Exercising.
So, How are YOU with this?

To learn more about Insulin Resistance and how to eliminate it, please go to the attached link(s), or visit Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo’s website.

The modern plague - video 1

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