Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Move it or Lose it!

 As stated by one of my fitness and martial arts heroes - Bruce Lee, “Be Water My Friend.  Keep moving, like water,  not stagnant, you must flow to grow…”

That’s true in everything in life.  Movement is very important in circulation.  When you move you increase circulation.

In the Western Hemisphere,  Exercise – it’s all about the muscle. In the East – they focus on inside exercise , like Tai Chi,  or Meditation, where they rely on calming exercises that do not increase the heart rate.

Exercise Movement helps to boost the Lymphatic system.  Your lymphatic system plays a major role in immune system health, “cancer surveillance” and autoimmunity. It is important to know that your Lymphatics system does not have any heart and relies on movement for circulation.  

Exercise also helps in the detoxification process.  By perspiring or sweating you are removing toxins from the body.  Your immune system is more active, more energetic.  Also, by exercising you are taking in more oxygen, which is used by the Mitochondria (energy center of your cells)  to produce ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate) which makes energy.  

Without oxygen, your body goes into oxidative stress. The biggest user is your heart and brain. Exercise and using your muscles promotes circulation and helps to build your immune system and be more energetic.

This is unlike cancer cells, which rely on fructose and fermentation with glucose to survive.  However, with circulation and pumping of oxygen throughout the body, cancer does not do well.

To top it off,  Low energy levels cause anxiety, ADHD, and nasty behavioral issues.

Our body was designed to move, not to sit in a chair or in a car all day, every day -- whether you like it or not!  Your mind and body are one.  Learning to move is just as important as learning to read and write.  

The more you move the more energy your mitochondria makes - supplying your body with the energy source it needs..  The more  you move the more energy you have!  Our bodies weren’t meant to sit all day

It’s not an age number it’s a functional ability (cognitive ability) to do complex movements.  Over the years there has been a great number of “Dynabods” of all different shapes and sizes that get it - we were meant to MOVE.  My mantra is- “Use it not Lose it”!

Maybe I should change it to MOVE It or Lose it!???