Monday, September 28, 2020

The 10 Week Dynabody Online Fitness Classes starts October 5th!

Thanks to the ever-changing COVID19 restrictions, we need to be diligent in both protecting and looking out for each other - it’s the new norm….And yet, the need for exercise and interaction becomes more prevalent.  Working out in a group setting helps to build a strong bond - the friendships and camaraderie is what makes it great!

Although it is hard to replicate my fitness classes away from the school gym or in a home environment Dynabody Fitness is committed to providing you with the interaction and the workouts you’ve come to enjoy.

Starting Monday, October 5th, Dynabody will be offering a 10 week program which includes;

  • Online Fitness Classes Tuesday and Thursdays 6:30pm, through Zoom (starting October 6th and 8th)
  •  Planned / Flexible Workouts through the Trainerize app.

I’m excited at this opportunity to interact with the Dynabods!  It will allow for a two-way interactive experience (using Zoom) while going through a Dynabody Trainerize workout together. Plus you can do your own workout  anytime, anywhere, and track your progress – to keep you motivated - the best of both worlds!

Cost $80 (tax included) for the 10 weeks.

Refer a Friend for a 20% discount

Email me at for the particulars!

Here are a few tips for our Zoom Class;
Equipment needed:   
Exercise/yoga mat,  Pair of various dumbbells ie: light (5-10 lb), medium (10-15 lbs), heavy dumbbells (+20 lb)
Pad of paper and Pen – to  take notes and add to your Trainerize program
Questions – Hold off until the end of an exercise (rest period) or at the end of the workout.
Class will be kept “Interruption-free”  The meeting will be locked once the class starts.  This will ensure that the class is not interrupted once it begins.  So please show up on time!
Feedback is encouraged – let me know what you think!