Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Dynabody 12 Week Body Transformation


Going through life with sub-standard Health, – high body fat levels, slouching posture and poor muscle strength and tone, along with slacking activity - all have a detrimental effect on your lifestyle,health and well-being.
The fact is, your body is your most valuable asset, and is something that YOU can control. Simply lifting weights or doing cardio is helpful, but it limits your ability to achieve optimal results, unless you consider a structured approach. . 
The Dynabody Body Transformation program helps solve this.  This 12 week workout plan is designed for one who wants to build muscle, lose body fat and to look and feel their best!

The program starts July 13, 2020  (to Oct.4, 2020)
Cost $80 
for this 3 phase/  12 week program.

Cost is less than $7/week for your personal planned workouts right on your smart phone.  This eliminates the guesswork and gives you the ability to exercise anywhere and at any time. Not only will it spark that motivation, but will keep you accountable and committed!

Phase One -building a good foundation focusing on power and strength training, which will more readily assist fat loss when higher weights and endurance oriented training is introduced.

Phase Two -introduces Mixed Hybrid training for muscle building and stimulation.  Adding key intensity techniques to the mix increases the stress imposed on the muscles and offers a unique stimulus that will force additional muscle growth.  Muscle detail will begin coming through in this phase.

Phase Three will include a combination of higher and lower reps in each workout to target multiple muscle fibers and create definition and tone. The intensity of cardio will increase to improve endurance and conditioning.

All training sessions are to be recorded through Trainerize, which help to ensure all targets are being met. By adding the actual weights and reps used, you can track your progress,and continuously improve on previous results.

This program emphasizes weight training for both fat loss and muscle gain - which makes our overall body function more efficiently.

However, it is important to note that consistency in exercise and MOST IMPORTANTLY Nutrition, are absolutely vital if these objectives are to be met.  You can NEVER outwork a bad diet.

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