Monday, June 22, 2020



As mentioned earlier,  no muscle group is more noticeable for men or woman than their abs.   

And, putting aside vanity, the “healthy at any side” movement and body shaming, the reality is losing Visceral Fat is one of the most important steps you can take to staying healthy for life.

No matter what your goal when it comes to working your mid-section, there are a number of mistakes you should be aware of. So if you want results avoid these common ab-training mistakes;

  Mistake #1: Too Many Reps

Your abdominals are like any other muscle in your body.  They can be overworked. Doing endless ab work will not reduce the size of your waistline. 

Doing endless situps and crunches will NOT create a smaller waist or flatter stomach.  They are useful for your hip flexors and trunk flexion – not your abdominals…..

 Mistake #2: Drawing In Instead Of Bracing Your Abs

Don’t suck in your gut, push it out. Tighten or tense your abs and push out your belly button.  When you’re bracing your core, only your lower abdominals should be in play.  This creates a natural belt or girdle that stabilizes and protects the spine when you contract your ab muscles. You will notice improved posture as well as a slight flattening and tightening of the area.

 When you suck in your stomach you lose stability and breathing is more difficult - as your rib cage becomes noticeable and your stomach hollows inwards.

 Mistake #3: Neglecting Other Core Muscles

You need to engage your core as a whole.  Core training strengthens and stretches key muscles of the spine and lower torso and provide a solid foundation for all other movement.  By using functional exercises that conditions the abdominal and back musculature which represents the key “coupling” link of the body that connects movements between upper & lower body.  Because this simulates daily life and sport demands, this is one area that I focus in my fitness classes.

 Mistake #4: Poor Eating Habits!

Finally, and most importantly – THINK NUTRITION - you must eat smart.  This is a must.  You have to lose body fat, not weight, in order to “see” your abs and this can only happen when you eat high quality nutrient dense foods. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Cut out milk, limit (or omit) wheat, dairy and meat. This will help you control your blood sugar levels, insulin levels, and energy levels. Insulin management will help you lose fat and prevent you from gaining fat.

 Make sure your drink enough water – this helps flush out waste products.

Don’t overeat – moderation is the key.

Limit or abstain from alcohol – it’s empty calories.