Thursday, April 16, 2020


Dynabody Fitness and Health has entered a new era.  We have moved away from just Group Fitness classes and towards creating a more comprehensive program and package through the Dynabody Trainerize Mobile app – which I truly feel will benefit you now and in the long term.

The great thing about going Mobile with Dynabody is that it is a great way to empower you to take ownership of your fitness journey and increase accountability during “At-home” or any independent workouts.

Since the majority of you are regulars to my Group Fitness classes, I am already familiar with your strengths and weaknesses and can help you adapt workouts so that you continue to move forward in your fitness goals;

·         By seeing your progress immediately, YOU stay more committed.
·         By ME seeing your progress, I can help you stay consistent with your fitness regimen, and, although not face-to-face, you still get coaching, along with programming expertise and accountability – all at a very affordable price.

Plus, I am sure a number of Dynabods are quite happy with being involved with a group of similar minded people -who enjoy the social interaction and camaraderie along with the fitness aspect. Fortunately this doesn’t change, but is rather enhanced with this new add on.  You now have the ability to see results,  measure progress and adjust workouts, exercises, etc to suit YOU – not just during those couple of classes a week, but rather every day of the month!

Click on the following link to find out more;
Trainerize Mobile App &Dynabody


Tuesday, April 7, 2020


As Dynabody Fitness Classes have been postponed, I have a great opportunity for all Dynabods that will get you moving during this unprecedented situation!

I have joined  This is a digital platform that will allow me to stay connected with you.

I can provide personal training, programs, classes and coaching directly to your smartphone, anywhere  (at home or another province, country, etc) and anytime!

Options are endless, and the great thing is, it helps motivate you, eliminates the guesswork by having a planned program with scheduled classes, and makes you accountable - because we all know that exercise is vital for your well-being.

I am creating a 12 week program which will include 2 scheduled workouts - Tuesdays and Thursdays, along with other days that will include Core, Flexibility and Cardio.  You can follow the schedule, add to it, omit or change what you’ve done on your calendar.

I will also have something special for when the Dynabody Con Ed Fitness Classes start up again.

Another Plus - this year I will be starting a Summer Fitness program again!

As I’m trying to build a Community that “Uses it”, Trainerize is a great way to spark motivation and to build stronger relationships between the Dynabod members using the in-app group and individual messaging and video call features.  

And the best thing is that I will still be involved with coaching you.  You get personal training right on your smart phone!

Stay tuned! Start date is planned for this Monday!