Saturday, January 26, 2019

#1 Health Issue

Do you know what the #1 health issue is that most people in western cultures deal with on a regular basis?
It's an issue that's been shown to increase the risk of health problems like diabetes, cancer and heart disease...
It's also been shown to impact a person's ability to succeed financially and professionally.
And it can affect YOU and your emotional fulfillment at a deep level.
It's an extremely common issue, that you're likely dealing with right now, and new science is showing that the effects it has on you are far worse than you think.
So what is this issue?

It's chronic stress!

But there's a technique that has been scientifically proven to reduce the negative impact of these everyday emotions.  I'm talking in-the-lab, clinical tests that show that this technique works.
And a new video is sharing these results, what they mean for you, and how you can use this technique today to eliminate the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that is having a deep impact on your life, even when you're not aware of it.

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Many factors contribute to the development of chronic disease. But most experts agree that obesity, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, smoking cigarettes, over-reliance on antibiotics and excessive alcohol intake lie at the forefront.

The fact is: health is seriously threatened by diseases that are caused by factors existing within our control. And this is both heartbreaking, and hopeful. Because it means the key to fighting modern plagues that jeopardize our health could be as simple -- and revolutionary -- as making proper lifestyle choices.

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Sunday, January 13, 2019


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Winter of Wellness
January 14-18, 2019
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  • The health benefits of true romantic intimacy
  • Using herbs and essential oils for musculoskeletal pain and inflammation
  • Treating chronic illness, pain & fatigue
  • Activating the creative brilliance inside you for your neurological and psychological wellbeing
  • Combining neurology, integrative medicine & mindfulness for optimal brain health
  • The relationship between our health & the health of our planet
  • Healing your children of chronic health issues due to toxins in our environment

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Yours truly,Doug

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Goal Planning in the New Year

If you fail to plan…you plan to fail.
Did you know:

Of those who make a New Year’s Resolution, close to 60% give up within 3 months. Even worse, it is estimated that 75% of people who join gyms quit (or don’t go back) within 3 weeks of joining!

Regarding New Year’s Resolutions, only 20% have a plan on how they will accomplish them.

Between 5 and 10% of those who set goals write down a plan.

Only 5 to 10% succeed in their goals. Equivalent to those who document their progress!

See a trend?

Trying to fulfill a goal without a plan is like going on a road trip across the country without a map or knowing your destination. Your fitness program cannot proceed according to plan if you have no plan, nor can you expect great results without a guide to steer you in the right direction.

Be it for fitness, career or other personal goals, people fail to achieve their goals for a number of reasons. Here is a list of the most common;

1) Don’t really want to do it. If you don’t think it’s important and can’t motivate yourself it’s not going to happen.

2) To many things on the go. Make a checklist and prioritize what’s important.

3) Procrastination. Make a plan and stick to it until it becomes an enjoyable habit.

4) Don’t know how to do it. If you are unsure, get help.

5) Set goals and record your progress.

Here’s something to think about:

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."
Anthony Robbins

Action without planning is one of the biggest reasons for failure. Planning should not be taken lightly. Goal setting involves mental work and preparation BEFORE the physical work.
Setting goals and keeping a record of your progress are important because as you come more fit, you must optimize the adaptive response to your training. Updating your goals can reflect this direction.

Before you start with the goals clarify what you want out of it:

- Do you want a fit lifestyle?
- Who are you right now?
- What motivates you to exercise?
- How do you want to train?
- What activities do I plan to participate in?
- What are the obstacles?
- How much time can I reasonably schedule?
- How will you reach your goal?
- What makes you think you can succeed?
- How can I incorporate the 5 components of fitness
(warm-up, aerobic training, resistance training, flexibility & cool down) to ensure success?

Your ultimate long-term goal. Imagine a dream goal. – aim high. Visualize your success.
This sets your frame of mind to realize that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to. This is the ultimate goal – if you are willing to pay the price to achieve it!

Be specific with your goals. I want to lose weight is too vague . Instead, narrow it down into something that is within your control to achieve. For instance;

· What measurements would I like to have?
· What dress size do I want to wear?
· How much body fat do I want to lose?

Set an Annual 12 month goal. Periodize your workouts. Do you like to take vacation at a certain time of year? Planning to run a marathon? Take these into consideration.

Three months goals - eg: Lose 10 lbs of fat.

Weekly Goals – Schedule or map your time.
Scheduling is critical to the success of your exercise program. Not only does this give you an idea of the time and activity planned, but it helps enforce commitment and success. A scheduled plan becomes habit forming. You will feel better, rarely miss workouts and continue to see success!

Once done, chart your progress. Are you losing fat? Gaining Muscle?

Daily Scheduling - now has to established to determine the time you have available. Back out the time needed for a warm-up, and cool-down to determine the amount of time available for your chosen exercise.

Daily goals are where habits are developed. Take baby steps – you reach your goals by making small choices every day. By mastering small challenges first you will have the feeling of accomplishment and keep your momentum going.

Keep a Journal or a Training DiaryThis helps you focus on your goals. Having a written plan gives you a sense of direction that makes you feel certain, confident and motivated. A journal is a score card that tracks how well you are doing. You can see right way if the time you're investing is delivering results.

Keeping a training diary sends unmistakable instructions to your subconscious mind.
Rather than just going through the motions you get a good idea of your progress – what you are doing and how well.

Read and Reevaluate your Goals regularly

Too often a person sets goals but never revisits them. Setting and reevaluating your goals;

- Keeps you accountable
- Keeps your training program fresh
- Stimulates the body and mind
- Allows you to monitor your results.

Motivation is only effective when the goal is meaningful and fits the individual. Goal setting is an ongoing process. It is important to update your goals and record your progress or lack thereof so that appropriate changes can be made to maintain improvements. It is important that you plan not only for the time you workout, but the balance of your day.

The key to successful goal implementation is to keep your initial desires and motivations fresh in your mind. By reviewing and reevaluating progress, your goals become engrained into your mind. Daily reflection turns dreams into reality.

Reward yourselfEven though you may look in the mirror with satisfaction on your progress, take time to reward your successes – and don’t beat yourself up over drawbacks. Consider a reward as a “recharging” of your batteries. Mentally and physically you will feel better.

It is quite likely that you can see short term success without setting a plan. For example, if your goal was losing weight, it is possible to see results within the first few weeks of a haphazard workout and diet regime. However, how many people do you know that have lost weight only to gain it later?

As challenging as it is to lose weight, the greater challenge is keeping the pounds from coming back on. At this point you have reached the maintenance phase, or in other words “the rest of your life”.

You don’t see the rewards from your workout so easily. People may not compliment you, your waist size may not reduce further – you’re just staying the same. This is where people start to switch back to their old ways. By continuously setting goals you will unknowingly set yourself up for long-term success.

There is never really an “ultimate” goal. Success is traveling towards the goal, not the goal itself. By improving on yourself you are improving your quality of life and satisfying the “maintenance” phase.

If you are one of those fortunate individuals that record your goals, take a look back at some of your past goals. You would be amazed at what you have achieved – all started from taking baby steps!

"By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands — your own." --Mark Victor Hansen

Live Long!