Sunday, March 15, 2015


Current life expectancy for Canadians is 82.5 years, although not in the top 10 (11th) we are doing much better than our friends  South of the 49th parallel (ranked 36th) (1)…

According to Employment and Social Development Canada, men were expected to spend 88.0% (68.9 years) of their life in good health, compared with 85.8% (71.2 years) for women. Although women had higher life expectancy, men were expected to spend a higher proportion of their life in good health.

Wow!  In other words you can expect about 10 years of life in poor health.   Yikes!

Taking gender out of the equation, Chronic conditions are the main cause of lowered HALE (Health-Adjusted Life Expectancy.    Of that, Depression is a major cause.  In addition, obesity and stress continues to be on the rise. 

For the majority of people, they can improve their healthy life.

There are no magic pills, no short-cuts, no special diets, machines or routines that will result in “getting into shape”    Even if there was a magic pill – and you could afford it…there are much more benefits to exercise.  Besides adding strength and tone to the muscles, exercise works your heart and lungs.  An exercise pill won’t build your self-esteem and confidence you get from a good work-out.  Resistance and Aerobic exercise can improve your mood, add brain power, help your sex life, and change your body for the better.

Your food intake is also so very important.  -  Proper nutrition is 60% of the effort in building a healthy strong body.   Follow a properly balanced eating schedule.  Eat 5 or 6 meals of fruits, vegetables, lean cuts of meat, chicken and fish per day.  Stay away from sugar, processed and fast foods.   Focus on Calories in vs Calories out.  Do not fall in the Diet Trap and become part of the yo-yo phenomenon.  You can’t stay on a diet forever. 

It is important to find a lifestyle that works for you.  The best results come from a long-term strategy involving permanent change in both eating and activity habits.  
You can live your life in good health – start now!


Well it sure did feel like spring outside didn’t it? !
There is still a couple of DTF classes available before the new sessions start.  Feel free to come out (at no charge) this Tuesday or Thursday  17th at Bannatyne School (A whole lotta Gumbo) and 19th at Strathmillan School (SuperDuper Slow wins the race).  6:30pm start.  

Hope to see you there.

Spring Sessions start April 14th and 16th, 2015.  Refer a new Dynabod and wins some swag!