Monday, September 30, 2019


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Monday, September 16, 2019

Staying in Shape with a Busy Schedule

Wow! Summer’s almost done and it sure did fly by.
Did you have a great summer?

Sorry to the Dynabod’s who were hoping for a couple of evening bootcamp classes – just couldn’t do it. Talk about being busy.  I’m sure we can all relate.

I hope that your fitness regime did not fall to the wayside.  I didn’t hit the gym much but did do a lot of physical activity that made up for it.  (And this weekend putting a metal roof on the cottage).

How about you?
Does your body feel like it’s rusting out from lack of use?

Well, here’s how you can stay in shape during a busy schedule:

1) Use an "easy" exercise routine
2) Keep exercise short and intense
3) Have fun while you exercise

What you'll find is that the more intensely you work out, the less time it takes. 
Besides, short and intense workouts offer the greatest benefits such as increased muscle growth and the rapid fat-burning.    Now there is a winning combination!

One of the simplest ways of incorporating an effective exercise routine is joining Dynabody Total Fitness.   DTF classes are fun and challenging and focusses on all areas of fitness.  It will improve your strength, stamina, coordination and energy levels.  The key is on functional exercises, strength training and metabolic cross-training - which is the best for conditioning the body, burning fat and improving your heart health.  
It’s “easy”, “intense” and “fun” – and with the emphasis on proper technique - there is no better way to refresh your body, restore your energy and beat stress!

Dynabody Total Fitness
Tuesdays – Bannatyne School FFT6--19 Dynabody Total Fitness 6:30pm
Oct.1ST  to Dec.3rd
Thursdays – Strathmillan School FFT8-19 Dynabody Total Fitness 6:30pm
Oct.3rd to Dec. 12th

Book online:
See: St.James Continuing Education:  Fitness / Aerobics / Challenging   or type in "Dynabody" in the search box
or call: 832-9637 to Register by phone

Just remember, there is NO excuse for not exercising – you have to make it a priority.  Put it on your schedule and make it happen!