Sunday, May 5, 2013


First - Congratulations to both Colleen and Ione for winning the free personal TRX suspension training workout sessions! 

Dynabody Total Fitness classes now incorporate the TRX Suspesnion Trainer which challenges the interconnected chain of muscles in every plane of motion.  Like your typical body weight exercises, the TRX(which stands for Total body Resistance eXercise) works on functional use and incorporates a good portion of your body's muscle mass along with variable resistance that works the corer.  Adding a new a new twist to the most sophisticated fitness machine ever - your body!


In order to build muscle and increase strength we need to apply the right stimulus and intensity, taking yourself to muscular failure so that you progress.

Discomfort caused by muscle fatigue or lactic acid build up is GOOD.  It means that you are pushing yourself.  Some muscle soreness a day or two after a workout is also GOOD, it means that your muscles are recuperating, repairing and growing.

Discomfort in your bones, joints, tendons, or ligaments or a sharp shooting sensation is BAD.  When this happens you should stop exercising immediately.  Pushing through this sort of discomfort hurts your fitness and may force you to take off more time than necessary.

While resistance training should be intense and discomfort may result PAIN is not a part of a successful workout.  Pain is your body’s warning system that enough is enough.  So listen!!!!

For maximum recovery you should only train each body part twice a week with an optimal high intensity workout.  One of the biggest mistake people make is “wanting it” so bad that they overtrain.  Be aware of the warning signs of overtraining such as lack of motivation, trouble sleeping, poor nutrition, and of course lack of progress.

Whenever you push through that discomfort of hard work and put your goals before your comfort your resolve is strengthened.  Feeling good after a good workout session helps reinforce a behavior that you are more likely to do the next time.  It actually gets better than coasting through a ho-hum workout  - which in time you will quit for lack of progress and mental and physical satisfaction.  You will want to workout and feel good about it.