Sunday, February 2, 2020


When it comes to your physical well being, there are few things more important than “Lung Power”.  But without your awareness, you are probably losing lung capacity. They tend to shrink with age.

Sooner or later….
-    You get tired more quickly,
-    You have less strength and virility
-     You get colds and the flu more often,
-     You take longer to recover from illness.

Did you know?
-   At 20 – Your lungs stop growing and lung capacity has stabilized.
-   At 30 – your lungs start to decline.  The Alveoli (air sacs) that deliver 
     oxygen to your blood begin to die off.
-   At 35 – you lose 20 percent of your lung capacity.
-   By 50 – you lose 40 percent of your vital lung capacity. 
-   And, the decline continues for LIFE!

If you get the flu or pneumonia at age 40, you can usually shrug it off – because you have extra lung capacity to sustain yourself.  However, if you are older (65 years or more) and you catch the flu or pneumonia, you won’t have the reserve lung capacity to get over the sickness.  Normal everyday activity becomes harder to deal with when energy reserves are declining.  That is why the death rate is so much higher for seniors who get these respiratory diseases.

Here’s another shocker – Lack of Oxygen Reserves causes 50% of all Heart Attacks!

You CAN build your lungs back!

The process of moving air in and out of the lungs is called pulmonary (lung) ventilation.  Breathing is always important, and, doing it properly is most important during exercise.  During a workout (resistance training) do not hold your breath - exhale on exertion. By breathing properly you train your body to breathe more deeply and effectively.

Here are the main benefits to improved Lung Power:
-     improve your lung capacity and minimize the loss of lung volume.
-          focus on your lung’s elasticity
-          improve stamina to help you perform better in your sport
-          improve your posture and
-          improve the function of your diaphragm,  great if you love singing (even if you’re bad at it like me - lol)

Basically, bigger lungs supply your body with more oxygen and help to remove carbon dioxide. 

Here are a few simple Methods to build up your respiratory system:

Method 1: Diaphragmatic breathing
“Belly breathing,” which engages the diaphragm, is the natural way of breathing (not the chest). 
In a comfortable position, start slowly and inhale ever deeper until you are filling your lungs completely.  Maintain a steady rhythm and breathe in from your belly.  On the exhales, simply let the air go.    (I do this as part of my regular practice of the Wim Hof method)

Method 2: Pursed-lips breathing
Inhale slowly through your nose.  Breath out even slower through pursed lips.  Pursed-lips breathing slows your breathing down and keeps the airways open longer, improving the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Proactive rather than Reactive
Prevention is the best medicine.  Keeping your lungs healthy is much more efficient than trying to repair them.  Here are some pointers to keep your lungs healthy;
  •           Stop smoking, and avoid secondhand smoke. or environmental irritants.
  •           Eat foods rich in antioxidants – this helps build organ tissue.
  •           Get the flu vaccine to help prevent lung infections and promote lung health.
  •           Avoid environmental irritants and improve indoor air quality.
  •           Exercise!  – it improves Lung Capacity.
Aerobic activities like running. skipping, or swimming give your heart and lungs the kind of workout they need to function efficiently.
HIIT -High Intensity Interval Training are great if you are strapped for time.

Muscle-strengthening activities like Weight-lifting, Resistance Training, Core training, Yoga or Pilates build core strength, improves your posture, and tone your breathing muscles.

By taking steps to preserve your “LUNG POWER” you can slow the natural decline and restore your lung capacity of your youth.  It’s never too late to start!