Thursday, November 4, 2021


Want to know the simplest, cheapest, and fastest morning ritual you can do for your long-term health? And it has nothing to do with exercise.  Start your day with a morning elixir that will revitalize you more than coffee!  It’s a Lemon Water and Apple Cider Vinegar Drink.  Here are a number of health benefits:
  • Helps to boost energy levels and your mood.
  • Helps to flush out toxins and stimulate a sluggish fatty liver.
  • Aids in weight loss.
  • Helps to alkalize your cells and balance pH levels.
  • Promotes glowing skin & anti-aging.
  • Helps hydrate your body after a night’s sleep.
  • And all it takes is one glass of Lemon Water!

 Here is my special Morning Elixir;
1-2 Tbsp Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
1-2 Tbsp Lemon Juice or Squeezed Lemon
Sprinkle of Ginger powder
Touch of Ceylon Cinnamon
Sprinkle of Black Cumin
Sprinkle of Cayenne pepper
½ teaspoon of Magnesium Glycinate
Filtered Water
What’s so special about this mix?  Well let me explain the benefits of each ingredient;
Organic, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar contains a substance called mother, which consists of strands of proteins, enzymes, and friendly bacteria that give the product a murky appearance.  Vinegar can help kill pathogens, including bacteria and may help lower blood sugar levels, manage diabetes and improve skin health. (1) 
Lemon & Lemon Juice helps with weight loss, aids in digestion,  improves skin health, assists in preventing kidney stones and helps alkalize the body. (2) Lemons are a good source of Vitamin C.  As Lemons contain citric acid which may erode tooth enamel make sure you rinse your mouth with plain water afterwards.
Ginger contains gingerol, which has powerful medicinal properties. Ginger is a Super Food.  It can help with osteoarthritis, and can drastically lower blood sugars and improve heart disease risk.  Ginger may help lower cholesterol levels, improve brain function, protect against Alzheimer’s disease and help prevent cancer! (3)  A ¼ tsp Ginger Powder a day helps significantly with Fat Loss. (4) (24:55)
Cinnamon Is Loaded With Antioxidants and has Anti-Inflammatory Properties which helps combat Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cancer. Cinnamon can Improve Sensitivity to the Hormone Insulin lowering blood sugar levels.
Use Ceylon Cinnamon which is “true” cinnamon and is high in cinnamaldehyde, a key ingredient in Cinnamon’s benefits.  Try to steer away from the cheaper “regular” Cinnamon which is Cassia Cinnamon.  Cassia or “regular” cinnamon contains high amounts of coumarin, which has been linked to conditions like liver damage and cancer. (5)
The Health Benefits for using Cinnamon moderately outweigh its drawbacks.  The great thing about Cinnamon is it helps to mask the stronger tastes of the other spices and powders in the drink.
Black cumin, also known as Nigella sativa or simply black seed, has a peppery flavor and helps curb appetite and is great for fat loss(6).  Described as a “miracle herb,this fennel flower may help fight cancer, treat allergies and can help in the prevention of cognitive decline (Alzhiemers)(7)
Cayenne Pepper counteracts the metabolic slowing that accompanies weight loss and helps accelerate fat burning (4)(27:50).  Cayenne Pepper may lower blood pressure, aid in digestion, help relieve pain and help prevent Cancer.(8)
Magnesium deficiency is common in most people.  Magnesium is an important mineral that helps your body function properly, especially as it pertains to your muscular system, bones, and nervous system.  Magnesium Glycinate may help lower blood pressure and reduce stroke, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes risks, improve bone health, and prevent migraines. (9)
Water keeps every system in the body functioning properly and is needed for proper hydration.  Water carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells, aids in digestion, flushes out toxins, 
normalizes blood pressure, cushions joints. protects organs and tissues, regulates body temperature, and help maintain electrolyte (sodium) balance.(10)
The Bottom Line
Research shows an Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Water mix has many potential health benefits.
Experiment with your own Elixir Drink.  Infuse more flavor or add further health boost by adding Mint, Raw Honey, or Turmeric. Give this a try before your morning coffee or breakfast - it will become a great morning ritual!