Dynabod Fitness is now online and virtual!

Dynabody has joined,  a digital platform that will allows us to stay connected with you.

Dynabody can provide personal training, programs, classes and coaching directly to your smartphone, anywhere  (at home or another province, country, etc) and anytime!

Options are endless, and the great thing is, it helps motivate you, eliminates the guesswork by having a planned program with scheduled classes, and makes you accountable - because we all know that exercise is vital for your well-being.

As Dynabody is all about building a Community that “Uses it”, Trainerize is a great way to spark motivation and to build stronger relationships between the Dynabod members using the in-app group and individual messaging and video call features.  

Here is what we can do for you;

Personalized Fitness Services

We can create custom and niche online training and nutrition packages. With an extensive exercise library and powerful template and automation features the fitness workouts are endless

Next-Level Engagement

Member engagement in a digital fitness space.

Group Training

Training programs, fitness challenges and classes are available to all Dynabods in a group setting, with leveraged social motivation!

The  Dynabody Trainerize programs are a perfect fit for those who haven’t set foot in a gym for years. If you’re someone who finds gym environments intimidating, alienating and downright frustrating, then this is the perfect lifestyle transformation launchpad for you.

Current programs available:

Dynabody 10-week Bootcamp Overview

This program is designed to help you improve strength, endurance, conditioning, and overall health and follows the format of the  Con-Ed Dynabody Group Fitness classes.   
Each week will include four two different workouts
 - two will be done with the Zoom Classes on Tuesday and Thursday's 6:30 pm start
- a Bodyweight workout
- a Core/Ab Cardio session. 

Dynabody 12 Week Body Transformation Overview. 

This program is designed to help you improve strength, size, endurance, conditioning, and overall health!
There are three phases:
1) Hypertrophy phase is devoted to power and strength.
2) Mixed Hybrid Training for muscle building and stimulation
3) Toning & Definition phase for endurance and conditioning.

Dynabody 12 Week Intro - Bodyweight
No gym? No problem! Stay fit by working out at home and maintain strength and cardiovascular fitness with this bodyweight-only program.

Beginner 8 week program
Designed for beginnerss, this program delivers a full-body transformation with a little extra something for the legs, glutes and upper body.

Dynabody 4 week - 30 Minutes to Ripped! 
This 4 week Interval Program uses the 3-2-1 formula (three minutes of strength, two minutes of cardio and one minute of abs), and each week the intensity builds.  Each incredible routine has fresh, fun new moves that progress in difficulty over a four-week period. You get a new workout each week.

An added plus:

You can edit a workout(substituting exercises) or even design your own workout!

Individual Programs available upon request.

Use it or Lose it!

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