Our mission is to empower individuals to enrich their quality of life through the promotion of health and fitness.


The goals of the Dynabody Fitness & Health Inc. is to:
•        empower individuals towards greater health, fitness, and quality of life, by providing current and accurate information while protecting against fitness fiction.                •        offer programs and services emphasizing awareness, prevention, and positive health behaviour changes enhancing individual, work and family well-being.
•        work with various health related associations and professionals to directly promote awareness of each organization’s mission statement.
•        help foster a company/corporate supportive environment towards a healthy lifestyle
•        provide fitness activities that are fun, exciting, motivating and useful to all levels.



Dynabody assists employers’ improve staff morale, lower their health care costs and maximize performance through health and fitness services - resulting in healthier profits with healthier employees.   Services include early morning/lunch-n-learn sessions, mini-courses, fitness programs, personal training and coaching, tailored group classes/bootcamps and fun activities that can be performed on or off of the employer’s worksite.


Everyone is different.  An exercise program should be designed for YOU in mind.  A personalized exercise program will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Setting fitness goals is a necessity.  You want the best out of your efforts.   By planning and organizing your time and preparing realistic goals, you will attain the motivation and drive for short and long term success.

Examples of fitness goals are;  to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, increase stamina and endurance, prepare for a race or competition, or to change lifestyle and become healthier.  The absence of  a clearly defined goal is the main reason why many exercisers fail in their endeavors.

A training program also helps to measure your progress and provides you accountable.  In no time you will see your self-confidence increase as your capabilities improve.
Focus on activities you enjoy doing.

As a personal trainer I will help you set your goals, determine how your are to achieve your goals, and come up with an exercise plan based on periodized phases.


If you are interested in starting a fitness program or just curious about your fitness level a fitness assessment will provide you with a benchmark from which you can base future results and give you feedback about your progress.  Fitness testing can help motivate you, to continue your current exercise routine, or perhaps indicate a reason to change your exercise program.  


Going to the gym can be intimidating.  There are many different types of equipment, and, techniques used are often less than desirable.  Without someone to show you which machines to use and how to use them, you risk injury, failure and quitting.  You want to get the most out of your training time.  A gym orientation helps to demonstrate on how to best utilize various exercises to enhance your workout.


Total Fitness Training is more than a Boot Camp.  Focus is on building awareness and challenging your body,  classes incorporate all areas of fitness.

Classes include use of body weight exercises, calisthenics, TRX Suspension Training, Dumbbell and Kettlebells, and many functional / core exercises.  The emphasis is on multi-muscle group work along with building strength and conditioning. 

The goals of Total Fitness training are;
  • proper technique
  • improve cardiovascular fitness
  • improve muscular fitness
  • improve coordination & timing
  • practical and useful to all participants
  • reduce the risk of injury
  • functional conditioning exercises (multi-joint, multi-muscle)
  • improved confidence
  • sense of accomplishment


Once you’ve set your goals and prepared a fitness plan, motivation is the key to staying fit.
Many people set personal fitness goals but fail to incorporate them appropriately into their lifestyles.  As a result, they drop their goals and rejoin the inactive majority.

Some people enjoy having a workout partner to help keep them going.  For others, finding the time to workout with someone, or using the exercise activity as a social event is less desirable.  That is where hiring a competent personal trainer comes in.

To get results, we need to evaluate and monitor your progression.  Time is spent on explaining various exercises, the muscles used, the joint action and proper technique.  We can observe compliance and enthusiasm in your program and come up with favorable creative solutions to keep you progressing safely.


If you are an athlete or a person who recreationally participates in a specific sport a properly designed training plan is a necessity in becoming the “best that you can”.

A good program will help to improve your strength, mobility and stamina.  The secret is to combine specific movement in your training along with correct resistance training exercises, periodized between and within the on and off season.    We will examine the best time during the training year to develop strength without interfering with performance.  You will be able to move more powerfully and fluidly in your sport or event. By focusing on the right amount of intense training and rest while retaining your confidence you will have the greatest chance of success.


Dynabody is committed to helping people and we enjoy seeing the positive results that are produced.    We will provide the personal training at your gym or home, and do not have the overhead that many other fitness trainers have.  We also provide coaching, programs, workouts and exercises through the Trainerize Mobile App.  So you can workout Anytime, Anywhere.  Because of this, we offer the best prices to clients.

Contact:      DynaBody Fitness & Health Inc.

                    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

                    Phone/Text:   204-771-0061

                    Email:   dynabody@gmail.com

Enhancing individual, work, and family well-being."

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