Sunday, March 25, 2007

ABS - Wanna Six-Pack?

Now that spring is here people are setting their sights on the warm weather.
Those who have sluffed off on their New Year’s resolutions “to get in shape” are now realizing that they have to put the effort in if they want to look good for the season.

And with summer just around the corner, what is the area most people talk about when they want to firm up, lose weight and look good?

Abdominals of course.

You hear of people wanting to trim down their waistline – wishing for a “Six-Pack”. And we aren’t talking about grabbing a 6 pack of beer from the liquor vendor! No muscle group is more noticeable for men or woman than their abs.

In order to have the appearance of a six-pack, you must lower your body fat levels. Doing endless situps and crunches will NOT create a smaller waist or flatter stomach.

Getting “cut” is the development of the bands of connective tissue of the rectus abdominis muscle into deep grooves combined with low levels of subcutaneous fat (fat storage).

Your abdominals are like any other muscle in your body. They can be overworked. Doing endless ab work will not reduce the size of your waistline. On the flip side, it is unlikely that doing too much Ab work, especially with higher intensity/resistance, will result in giving you a big waist. Your ab muscles have a relatively small proportion of fast-twitch muscle fibers and are smaller and less leveraged than other muscle groups.

What is required to get Killer Abs?

First, performing strength training for all of your major muscle groups with moderate to heavy weights. This includes strengthening your midsection with added resistance and honing in on core training. Not only will this tighten your abs, but will help to boost your metabolism making your body a fat burning machine.

Second, the best way to burn fat is by doing high intensity interval cardio/aerobic exercise.

Finally, and most importantly – THINK NUTRITION - you must eat smart. This is a must. You have to lose body fat, not weight, in order to “see” your abs and this can only happen when you eat high quality foods. This will help you control your blood sugar levels, insulin levels, and energy levels. Insulin management will help you lose fat and prevent you from gaining fat.

In conclusion, if you want a flatter stomach you must develop an intelligent exercise program and focus on smart nutritional choices. Simply put you need to lower your body fat levels by eating properly and exercising all of your major muscle groups and including a cardiovascular routine.

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