Monday, March 4, 2013


After the Tuesday Leg workout and Thursday Upper Body workout participants spent the final part of their Total Fitness Class helping to raise money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Some of the Dynabods stuck with traditional sit-ups, others added in crunches.  For Thursday a 15 minute “Ab Explosion” was included where participants did a different core exercise every minute – from crunches to elbow planks, from Russian twists to the tough “Superman to Banana rolls” to name a few.   

The response was fantastic! 

Here are some of the results;
Shannon          280 sit-ups!
Tara                 350 sit-ups/crunches!
Tim                  375
Colleen            487
Tania               600
I surpassed my goal – I did 1,001!

Sit-Up for Pennies raised over $780!

Thanks to everyone that donated.  Your effort brings us one step closer to “Crunching out Heart Disease & Stroke!

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