Friday, March 4, 2016


I am reading an interesting book "59 Seconds - Think a Little, Change a Lot" from Richard Wiseman.

What I found was quite interesting is that a Key to Happiness boils down to writing things down.   Many people keep diaries on events but the important thing is to express gratitude for what transpired during the day.

This is even more important if you have been affected by an unfortunate event.  Writing encourages the creation of a story line and structure that help people make sense of what has happened and work toward a solution.

Expressing gratitude by writing down what transpired during the day rather than  on events makes you happier, more optimistic about the future and physically healthier – they even exercised more!

Professor Wiseman also suggested that you think about a perfect future and write about topics that will help create that happier future.  Just spend a couple of moments each day to write something into your "Affectionate Diary" and you will quickly notice a difference in mood and happiness.

Start today!

59 SECONDS – THINK A LITTLE, CHANGE A LOT  (page 20-22)  Richard Wiseman Copyright 2010 RandomHouse Canada

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