Wednesday, March 25, 2020


With all the craziness that’s going on in the world now’s the time to be MORE ALIVE - to rise to the occasion.  

-It’s time to use Covid-19 as a Game Changer
- It’s time to get away from the dark side of human nature.
- It’s time to change your habits to strengthen your body and mind for a Healthy Life. 

Follow these principles to be a better you;

- Sleep at least 7 hours per night. You recover and heal at night.
- Physical Activity is a must! We must move the body!  Exercise and mood are connected, it improves your immune system and strengthens your body.
- Empower yourself with Mindfulness and Meditation - do at least 10 minutes to increase positive emotions, boost your energy and relieve stress.
- Hydration - water is the elixir of life, include herbal teas, infused water and water-rich fruits and veggies.
- Eat whole food plant based nutrition - emphasize on raw and alkaline based foods and limit oil consumption.
- Eliminate or drastically reduce processed foods, dairy, eggs, gluten and highly refined sugar to stop inflammation. (Most plants reduce inflammation, meat increases inflammation)
- Reduce toxins by avoiding GMO and farmed foods and eat organic and NonGMO as much as possible.
- Finish dinner before 7pm and do not eat until morning. Intermittent Fasting helps support the Autoimmune system by allowing your body to purge your old cells.
- Reduce or eliminate caffeine and alcohol.  Both have a negative effect on your immune system.
- Limit time on technology - Keep electronics out of the bedroom. Stress related to Digital Dementia is now a common but avoidable concern.
- Build your support system - Community, family and friends make you feel better - reaching out to others under stress, either to seek support or to help someone else releases oxytocin which helps you recover from stress and become healthier.

It’s time for change - let’s make it a good one!

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