Sunday, May 4, 2014


I just finished reading Orr – My Story, the biography by the greatest defenseman who played hockey – Bobby Orr.   What has made him successful was not being a “natural” which Orr felt was disrespectful to the people who have worked to master any discipline, be it music, literature, medicine or sports.

The fact is that talent counts for almost nothing in the absence of hard work.  As he states ” Plenty of gifted athletes never make it.  Other guys work their way to the top with very modest gifts.  Whether you are talented or not, the only thing that is going to get you where you want to go is hard work…..”

And what’s the final piece of the puzzle?


Without it, the hardwork is just too hard.  Virtually all of the successful people seem
to carry that quality with them.  It doesn’t matter what you are pursuing Bobby said, if you don’t have a love for it, I would suggest you should go ant try something else, because eventually you will be disappointed. 

I totally agree.  I see the same thing with people who want to improve their fitness level.
If you do not plan to work hard, you are basically missing the boat.   

And what about that hard work?  Do you know what it takes to gain strength, build muscle and burn fat? 

Whenever you push through that discomfort of hard work and put your goals before your comfort your resolve is strengthened.  Feeling good after a good workout session helps reinforce a behavior that you are more likely to do the next time.  It actually gets better than coasting through a ho-hum workout  - which in time you will quit for lack of progress and mental and physical satisfaction.  You will want to workout and feel good about it.



Orr My Story -  Bobby Orr,  Viking, Penguin Canada Book, Copyright Robert Orr, 2013 p.72

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