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Stay "Smart" Technology Hazards

If you know anything about Accupuncture, Reiki, Chakras, you already know that the body is made up of more than blood, bone and tissues.  Our body is electric.  Every cell in our body communicates through tiny electrical signals.  We have many human energy fields which include not only physically measurable electromagnetic and magnetic fields, but, also a subtle aura of etheric energy that surrounds and overlays our physical self.

Today, Smart phones have become an essential to daily life. Add to that Wi-Fi’s, cordless phones, microwaves, satellite radio,  etc, we are constantly bombarded with electric and magnetic energy.  And, did you know that microwaves, cellphones, cordless phones and Wi-fi ALL use the SAME frequencies?  The difference is in the wattages (Power). However more recently, power is not just the only concern, what actually is more detrimental is the PULSE – used by cellphones.  This irregular pulse has a more biological effect to your body than power.    Even though the radiofrequencies (RF) fields only penetrate a short distance into the body, the energy of these fields are absorbed and transformed into the movement of molecules in the body. 1

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that electronic devices, not just cell phones are bad for the body and can increase the chances of developing cancer.  Prolonged environmental exposure, if minor, may constitute a health hazard if it results in biological stress.  Even though electric fields do not penetrate the body significantly, they do build up a charge on the body surface.  Magnetic fields on the other hand causes circulating currents to flow in the body.

Dr. Devra Davis presented a talk on “The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation” 3 at the University of Melbourne exposing the harsh reality of our technology advancements.  You can listen to the whole presentation on Youtube for yourself at::

All is not lost.  Here are some helpful points to help reduce your risk of EMF exposure;   2

Many people use their cell phone as an alarm clock.  Or, they want to keep it close in case of emergencies.  The problem is that the cell phone continues to communicate with the base stations by the radio transmissions, even when not using it.   It’s better to get a separate alarm clock, but if you do use your cell phone, set it on AIRPLANE Mode.  And, if you need the phone in case of emergency, it’s best to have a LAN line.  If not at least turn off the internet or wifi connection.  You should create a safe place to sleep, a time when your body can rejuvenate.  A cell phone near the bed can also increases anxiety levels as many of us have bad habits of waking up in the middle of the night to check emails, notifications and social networks so it’s best to turn it off!

There are over 1,800 studies that have verified that EMF’s are hurting us. Wifi and Bluetooth are even more dangerous than radio waves.  Ideally hardwire usage (Ethernet),  or better yet, Fibre-optics is the way to go.  A simple timer to shut your wifi router off at night is a great alternative.
Eliminating such exposure will help reduce insomnia, headaches, Ear Ringing (Tinnitus), fatigue, cognitive disturbance and stress!

Have you read the fine print on your cellphone contract?    Did you know that you should NOT carry your cellphone any closer than an inch away from the body?  A cell phone held close to the skin receives hundreds of times more radiation than if held further away. So keep it out of your pocket and use your speaker when talking. If you want to find out more hidden safety advice – on your iphone you can go to Settings>About>Legal>RF Exposure.  For other smartphones you can go to:  www.showthefineprintorg.

Smartphones are banned in Schools in Belgium, France, Spain, Finland, Italy, Isael, Australia, Austria, India, Switzerland, Germany and more.  It’s no wonder, as a children’s bone marrow of a child’s head can absorb 10 times more radiation than an adult! 4  Tablets are tested in labs 20 cm from the body, so they should NOT be held in the laps of children.

According to Electronics Engineer turned Technology Health Advocate Jeromy Johnson’s (Ted Talks)5 our children are going to be affected by the exponential effect of the rise in microwavable radiation all their lives.
If your Child has school work, upload it onto the computer or tablet and then shut the wifi off while working.  Do not let them stream music while doing homework and place it on a table away from the body..

Here are so healthier habits when using your smartphone 2;
  • Do not talk on your cell phone where the signal is weak as the cell phone must put out a stronger signal increasing radiation.
  • Do not let children use the cell phone as a toy or for games.
  • Don’t forget about your pets!  Turn your wifi off when you aren’t home and they are guarding the nest.
  • Keep phone calls short and alternate sides every few minutes.  Better yet use a lan line, your cell’s speaker or a plug in speakerphone device – not Bluetooth.
  • After checking your smartphone for messages, put it down away from you, on a desk or another room.
  • Put your cellphone away in your purse or briefcase when driving home.
  • Like to use it for listening to music?  I sure do.  Save the music on your phone – don’t stream. Stay away from Bluetooth Headphones and use the airplane mode if you have it close to the body.
  • Turn the face of the cellphone toward the body as the back emits more radiation.
  • Use Text.  But do it smartly!  Not when you are walking or driving –
  • Be aware of what you are doing and don’t expect instant responses – enjoy time way from technology!

 Oh, and stay away from SmartMeters (Hydro/Electric) or “Smart” Security systems – they aren’t really smart.  Hardwired / Fibre optics is the only way to go!

We always WANT convenience.  Be it a magic pill,  boxed food, or new toys – there is a price to pay – but let it NOT be your health!  Stay “Smart” –technology can’t do it for you


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