Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Dynabody Neuromuscular Training - the key to Strength & Longevity

 Your Neuromuscular or Nervous and Muscular Systems, are the key to strength and longevity!

Muscle growth is important for movement and  longevity. Movement is governed by the relationship between the nervous system, neurons, and their connection to muscle. A nerve stimulus is needed to make the muscles want to change and it’s your Nervous System that dictates the size and strength of muscles.   As we improve muscle quality, it changes how your entire body works - the nervous system, muscular system, immune system and internal organs.  It is this interrelation that is the basis for the Dynabody NeuroMuscular Training Program.  

10 week Dynabody Neuromuscular Training Program  is just $70 

It Includes;  over 16 Live Virtual Classes and access to the Trainerize App which allows for planned workouts, exercises and coaching directly on your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.  

Virtual Fitness Classes – every Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm (Central Time) Daily Planned Workout Program - workout at home or your gym Video Instruction on all Exercises Online Personal Training & Group Training The Motivation & Accountability YOU Need!

for more information email: dynabody@gmail.com

** Dumbbells are required for the virtual workouts.

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