Friday, October 1, 2021

No TV Challenge

So, I, along with my better half, decided to go with no TV for the month of September.

I liked to watch the morning news while getting ready for work. And we both spent many an evening watching our favorite show or a movie on Netflix or Prime.  Yes it is ok if you do it occasionally -  But, when you’re physically and mentally exhausted, it's not the best way to spend your time.

The fact is, plopping down in front of your TV or Computer stops you from what your body was meant to do – MOVE. 

Even worse, lounging on the sofa watching TV made it easy to grab munchies.  The reality is that you eat 10-25 percent more calories when you’re in front of a screen! 

What did I do to offset the TV watching? 

  • Well, I swapped a night of watching TV for reading a book.
  • I took the dogs for an extra walk (they really liked that part),
  • Did some yoga or mini workouts,  and tinkered on my 69 Camaro. 
  • Dinner wasn’t rushed and we even participated in some board games.  “Hey, can we play Splendor?...”

What I didn’t do was spend more time on my computer or smartphone.  I relaxed more, and after a while didn’t miss it.  Looking after yourself should be a priority, and relaxing is a must.  Try a bath, practice meditation, or even try journalizing.  (I hopped into our hot tub).

I also saved some cash.  Although we didn’t cancel Netflix during our challenge (the kids didn’t join in) I did get rid of cable and hooked up a TV antenna to get my news – I can now watch now that the challenge was over….

The biggest benefit I found was More Restful Sleep.  Mindlessly channel surfing before bed is counterproductive.  Spending the night looking at a blue-light screen is bad for your body – it increases your risk for cardiovascular disease, loses muscle mass, retains fat, and reduces your critical cancer fighting cells!

So give the No Television Challenge a try. It can be a bit of an eye-opener, as it can help you realize how you spend your time and fill your days.  You really can’t feel productive, empowered, or refreshed sitting in front of the television.

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