Wednesday, February 16, 2022

10 week Dynabody Full Muscle Activation Fitness Program

Join the 10 week Dynabody Full Muscle Activation Fitness Program! This is a moderate weight, high fatigue method that builds muscle fast and burns fat as it strengthens your joints.

The focus is on Dynamic POF’s - POSITIONS OF FLEXION  for optimal muscle stimulation.

There are three stages;

1) POF Multi-joint Midrange stimulus focusing on Mechanical Tension.

2) POF Continuous Dynamic Tension focusing on time under tension, with no lockout for Metabolic Stress and

3) POF Stretch -creating muscle microtears for growth.

The program includes;  20 Live Virtual Classes and access to the Trainerize App which allows for planned workouts, exercises and coaching directly on your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. 

If you prefer just to show up for the Tuesday and Thursday evening Group Sessions, (without the Trainerize App) I have that available at a reduced rate.

Muscle growth is important for movement and  longevity. And, muscle size is not about the heaviest weights you can lift, it's about maximizing TOTAL fiber expansion and muscle Quality.  Growth requires muscle recovery not excess training which is the basis for this program.

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