Sunday, August 30, 2020


How's your fitness knowledge?  10 questions on strength training - see how you do!

1.Will I get bulky muscles if I strength train? 

Men have 10-30 times more testosterone than women.  *

Along with a string workout regimen and nutrition, Muscle Building Factors include (1) Testosterone (2) Illegal Drugs (3) Genetics.

2. Is it easier for some people to build muscle & get stronger? 

Yes – the outer bounds of personal fitness are genetically determined.  But realty, you should focus on personal improvements rather than comparisons.

3. Do some weight equipment develop long-lean muscles? 

When it comes to equipment, No - your muscles don’t know the difference.

Muscle Development contributions include (1) Genetics and what your program consists of: (2)Resistance and (3)Intensity/Duration.

4. How long before I feel stronger & see changes in working out?

 It really depends on your commitment and intensity.  Initial strength improvements happen in the first 4-6 weeks .  You can wake up 50% of muscle that was previously inactive.

5. What happens to muscles when I get stronger? 

You can get stronger without getting bigger.

75-80% of strength gains come from nerves being able to rally dormant muscle fibers to contract.

20-25% come from your muscles getting bigger (hypertrophy).

6. Do Muscles Turn to Fat if I stop strength training? 

No. Fat looks like thin-walled honeycomb & muscle like bundles of straw.  An athlete that quits training, the muscles shrink (atrophied from disuse) & if they continue to eat & not exercise they will gain weight.

 7. Does Strength Training Spot Reduce areas? 

No Spot reduction is not possible.  You can however influence muscle definition by (1) Losing Fat and (2) Strength training.

 8. Should I get in shape before I start lifting weights?  

No.  Lifting weights is non-impact & increased muscle gains help to burn calories, lose weight & increase metabolism.

 9. Should  Woman’s Strength Program Differ from a Man?  

No, although everyone is different, it really just depends on your fitness goals.

 10. Do I have to spend hours strength training to get results? 

No, 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes per workout is all you need. Hey, that's one of the main benefits of Dynabody Fitness workouts.   Intensity and commitment are the major factors in seeing results – both in the way you look and feel.


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