Friday, November 27, 2020


 Everything you do is a result of habits.  Basically your life is a sum of all your habits.

Habits are the things we are so used to that they become our default even when we know better.   Bad habits like poor food choices, not sleeping, lack of exercise, smoking, or overindulgence in alcohol - things we know aren’t healthy for us, yet we keep repeating it.  

But what if you want to change? What if you want to form new habits? How would you do it?

One way to develop a new good habit is using the WOOP Method.

WISH-  Identify a wish that is important to you “I want to exercise more often”

OUTCOME - visualize the positive results that will achieve.

“I’ll have more energy and confidence” 

OBSTACLE - identify any challenges

“I’m tired after a day at work and don’t feel like working out”

PLAN - Figure out how you can overcome the obstacle(s) to fulfill your wish.

“I’ll have my workout clothes ready to go beforehand” 

The big thing is to start small - over time these changes will add up and have a good impact on your life.  More importantly, it is the repetition that will bring success.

So how do you make progress and push forward? 

By being accountable. By tracking what you are doing you can see that the time and effort you are investing is delivering results.  This works into your subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is capable of processing 2,000 bits of info per second while the subconscious mind can process 4 billion bits per second.  Which do you think will help you give up bad habits and begin to replace them with good ones?

Want more proof?? 

Your subconscious mind accounts for 83 percent of your brain mass and is responsible for 98 percent of your perceptions and behaviors including habits and beliefs, memory, personality and self-image

Accountability is the glue that ties Commitment to Results - it is one of the key actions to achieving your health and fitness goals.  Tracking your progress increases the likelihood of achieving success.  By monitoring your progress, you can see how far you have gone (brick by brick…). As you progress you get a sense of pride  and accomplishment - which is a huge motivator.  This is a powerful method for sustaining habit change.

Due to low-effort nature and repetition, habits become embedded into your behavior leading to bigger sustainable lifestyle changes.  Start a new Good Habit today!


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